By definition, a MiniGame is a short-term activity designed to correct a weakness or pursue an opportunity in the company. MiniGames are designed to be fun and engaging. Like most games, they should have a goal, a timeframe for play, a scoreboard, and a reward for winning. MiniGames also have a theme that energizes the players and propels the game overall.

MiniGames are one of the easiest and most exciting ways to engage employees, even if you've not fully committed to practicing open-book management. We share the concept of MiniGames frequently at seminars and conferences because they serve as a way to slowly introduce The Great Game of Business and open-book management to new audiences. Each time we teach MiniGames, participants are given the opportunity to work together to create their own MiniGame ideas. As a result, each year we compile a diverse collection of MiniGame themes with goals and benefits that cover a wide-range of financial and operational business issues.

Recently, we compiled MiniGame ideas from the March, 2014 SRC Experience seminar. The companies who generated these MiniGame ideas are from a variety of industries and have agreed to share their ideas in order to help drive innovation for others wanting to implement MiniGames in their organization.

Though these MiniGames are specific to the business challenges and personality of each company who created them; the prizes, themes and goals can adapted and applied to any industry or business challenge.

Want to learn more about MiniGames? Check out the MiniGames checklist on our Resources page.

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