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We are a Community of Business People Just Like You

The Great Game of Business® offers so much more than organizational business consulting, resources, and hands-on training. We offer a network of professionals that can help you change the way you do business. Connect to a community of like-minded business owners, managers, factory workers, accountants, lawyers, frontline employees, designers, engineers, hairdressers, truck drivers, landscapers, and much, much more.

Over the last 4 decades, The Great Game of Business has built a community of businesses that are committed to a better life for themselves and for their employees. People often tell us The Great Game of Business sounds wonderful, but they want to know if it really works. Will it work in a retail business, a Fortune 500 company, a union shop, or a nonprofit?

The answer is a simple, yes. Any organization whose performance can be measured with financial statements can play The Great Game of Business. From one guy working in his basement to multinational corporations, The Game will work anywhere, provided you want it to work.

"Annual employee turnover has shrunk to about 2% in an industry that averages 50%."

Tasty Catering, GGOB Practitioner



Find the Missing Piece You've Been Looking For

The origins of The Great Game of Business clearly place us as the originals. Others have come and gone, some are still around, but none have roots as deep as The Great Game of Business. We are the missing piece that all the others lack. The Great Game of Business involves everyone in the company in the process of constant improvement.
  • It teaches them the basics of how businesses work—how they make money.
  • It instructs them in how to read financial statements.
  • It empowers them to make decisions that can affect those financials.
  • It involves the employees in setting and accomplishing the most important goals of the company.
  • It opens up the books so that they can see for themselves how the company is doing.
  • It gives employees motivation to accomplish the company’s goals by giving them an opportunity to share in the company's financial future.
  • It transforms people’s lives, by helping them see the value in the process of planning and goal setting.

History Behind The Great Game of Business

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It's People.

The Great Game of Business has proven to systematically engage your people to drive profitability and sustainability. The best, most efficient, most profitable way to operate a business is to give everyone in the company a voice in how it's run and a stake in the financial outcome.

It's Money.

The most important goals in business are making money and generating cash. The Great Game of Business® takes these two critical goals and envelopes them in a business operating system that keeps both as a central focus in the minds of your employees.

It's Both.

The only way to secure sustainable financial results is through a commitment to having an engaged team. The Great Game of Business ensures a sustainable level of engagement by giving your team a stake in the company's—and their own—financial future.


Nearly 4 Decades of Doing Business Differently


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