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The following tools are great for starting The Game. Use them to set you up for success. Of course, no tool is complete without the roadmap on how to use them, so be sure to check out our Discover the Game Workshop or Schedule Your One-on-One Coaching Call to get personalized service on how to implement The Great Game of Business.

Assess Your Team

The true measure of success is starting with a firm baseline. Before implementing any change it is always a good idea to assess your organization's performance in team meetings, planning, forecasting, rewards, recognition, education and engagement.

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Group 343


Setting Goals

Goals – Not just any goal. The Critical Goal…THE Critical Number. Your company’s Critical Number is the one metric, either operational or financial, that represents a weakness or vulnerability that, if not addressed and corrected, will negatively impact the overall performance and long-term security of the business. This Critical Number is what represents winning. It serves as a common and clearly defined goal that directs employee focus and demonstrates progress and success.

Focus on the Critical Number

Use this document as a guide to provide insights
and a framework for determining your Critical Number.

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Path 4558

"Annual employee turnover has shrunk to about 2% in an industry that averages 50%."

Tasty Catering, GGOB Practitioner




Drive Engagement

A workplace Huddle is more than just a staff meeting. It’s a regular discussion in which attendees address key performance indicators (KPIs) and areas of improvement. These meetings can take place daily or weekly. The purpose of team Huddles are to drive employee engagement and to serve as a self-correcting measure to keep the company on the path toward achieving its goals. To do this we first get employees educated on company financial information and define the numbers that are most important in an organization. This allows employees to understand how their personal actions affect the company’s most important key performance indicators (we call this your Critical Number™).


Effective Staff Meeting Checklist

How effective are your team Huddles? Use this checklist to learn what areas need improvement.

Company Huddle


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Case Studies




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