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Referral Partners

The Great Game of Business is blessed to have amazing referral partners that tell their people about us and we look for ways to share their information with our practitioners.

Prairie - Sponsorship page

Prairie Capital Advisors have advised hundreds of middle-market companies in creating and executing ownership transition strategies that address strategic goals and shareholder objectives.

ITR - Sponsorship page (1)

ITR Economics provides the best economic intelligence to reduce risk and drive practical and profitable business decisions.

Vistage - Sponsorship page

Vistage is here to connect the most successful CEOs of small and midsize businesses so — together — we can share expertise, challenge one another to think critically, and arrive at better decisions.

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Small giants - Sponsorship page

Small Giants Community, a collective of like-hearted leaders and a center for high-quality programming. Small Giants aim towards purpose-driven cultures and business practices with the knowledge that soft skills can lead to hard numbers, and that work/life balance is all about an emphasis on life. 

NCEO - Sponsorship pageNCEO is a nonprofit organization that has been supporting the employee ownership community since 1981. Our mission is to help employee ownership thrive. 

United Way - Sponsorship page

United Way of the Ozarks works every day to improve lives in our community by uniting community support. We invest in programs that form a safety net for families experiencing challenges and focus on education to get upstream on reducing poverty. We connect communities, people, and hope.

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VLO - Sponsorship page

Volunteer Leaders of the Ozarks is a learning and networking opportunity for volunteer leaders in the Southwest Missouri area.

EOX - Sponsorship page

The Employee Ownership Expansion Network is a national nonprofit focused on significantly expanding employee ownership across the United States by establishing and supporting a network of independent nonprofit State Centers for Employee Ownership.

Growth Institute - Sponsorship page

By combining the benefits of learning, coaching, and application into a robust learning experience, Growth Institute gives leaders like you the surest pathway to evolve your company and yourself.

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Coaching Partnerships


Brave Group logo

The Great Game of Business is excited to partner with The Brave Group. This partnership is the official Satellite office for Great Game in Australia and New Zealand. 

The Brave Group believes that everyone should have an equal playing field at work. With a strong focus on supporting diversity and inclusivity, their purpose is to equip executives with the leadership skills, mindsets, and tools to enable them to reach their full potential in the workplace, within a united alliance of men and women supporters.

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A Partnership between Missouri Enterprise and The Great Game of Business was an easy decision since we were born out of the manufacturing industry thanks to SRC Holdings, our parent company.

Connect with Missouri Enterprise, and you’ll quickly understand why so many companies think of them as their go-to resource for all things manufacturing. From basic advice to game-changing manufacturing excellence initiatives, their experts have the industry know-how and hands-on “been there done that” experience you need to overcome any manufacturing challenge you face. An extensive network of resources awaits you. Connect with Missouri Enterprise and Get In on It.

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2022 Sponsors

Cadence Bank

Cadence Insurance provides solutions and expertise in risk management, insurance, employee benefits, and payroll. 

Chubb - Sponsorship page

SRC Holdings has been trusting our company to CHUBB for many years. CHUBB starts with understanding how your business operates and where you're headed. 

Mueller - Sponsorship page

Paul Mueller Company is not only a repeat sponsor for our Great Game of Business Conference each year, but they have also been playing The Game since 2012.

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TMC - Sponsorship page

Total Merchant Concepts began with a vision for creating an Integrity based company that other businesses could rely on for Excellent Service, Reliable Representatives, and Complete and Honest Information about the fee-heavy industry of credit card acceptance. 

The Wright Foundation is here to empower you and your mission in life. They seek to help you develop to become the strongest, most attractive force in your life – telling the deeper truths and influencing your world for the better.

Bellwether Wealth's focus is to understand your goals and develop a plan to reach them. Their team works to provide individuals with a detailed, well-balanced professional financial plan.

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