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Streamlined, transparent, and innovative processes that get your workforce culture engaged with your company's financial goals are a large part of what successful open-book management is all about. We've coached countless business leaders on how to do it well. For nearly forty years, we’ve been known as the “open-book people.” For the record, the term open-book management (OBM) was coined by John Case of Inc. Magazine back in the 1990s. The name stuck.

In fact, Case wrote the groundbreaking book Open Book Management: The Coming Business Revolution about companies that practiced OBM like SRC. With SRC’s approach to OBM and GGOB’s outreach to help others, Jack Stack was dubbed the “Father of Open-Book Management” by Inc. But if you ask Jack what he thinks of OBM, he’ll tell you "it’s not just about opening the books! Financial transparency is worthless without education, accountability, and reward."

The only way to see your people and your organization grow and transform is to teach employees how business works. We’ve learned that the term open-book management can mean different things to different people.

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PattyMcCord speaking at business seminar“I fell in love with being a businessperson, and I didn’t want to be a happy-face HR den mother anymore. I also fell in love with explaining very clearly and fully to everyone in the company why we were making the decisions we were, how they could best participate in achieving our goals, and what the obstacles would be.”

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- Patty McCord, Author and Creator of the Netflix Culture Deck

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The Great Game of Business goes far beyond simply opening up the books. Sharing financial information does not necessarily mean employees understand or realize how their daily actions and decisions affect financial performance or the health of the company. The Great Game of Business is not a spectator sport. It’s about understanding how the business works, what the employees’ role is in it, and how they can take action.

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Open-Book Management vs. Open-Book Reporting

There are many conversations had at Great Game™ with business owners who say “We are doing open-book management”, but when we dig deeper we find that is not always the case. There is a difference between open-book management and open-book reporting.

You can determine if you are doing open-book reporting (the list on the left) or open-book management (the list on the right) by comparing the lists below.

Open-Book Reporting

Delayed Information
Summarized (Not Specific)
Stories Told by Top Leadership
Often a Special Event
Designed For Outsiders, Such as
Bankers & Investors


Open-Book Management

Two-way Communication
Real-time Numbers
Specific & Relevant
Stories Told by Those Closest to the Action
Regular & Routine
Designed For Everyone to
Understand & Participate


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Educate, Empower, Engage

Being a Great Game company is more than being open-book. As we mentioned before open-book management is at the core of what we do but worthless without education, accountability, and reward.

From this core belief, The Great Game of Business emphasizes 3 Core Principles:


Know and Teach the Rules

It’s imperative that you educate employees about the business, so they begin to think like you do, an owner. To do so you must focus on Financial Transparency and Education, Planning with your whole team, and measurable goals.


Follow the Action and Keep Score

Once you know the rules it is easier to play The Game. When you follow the action and keep score your team can better judge if they are winning or losing The Game. Forward Forecasting and a way to measure success are at the forefront of this principle.


Provide a Stake in the Outcome

There is no more powerful tool a manager can have than a good bonus program. If a bonus program works, it can be an incredible motivator. A bonus program communicates goals in the most effective way possible— by putting a bounty on them. The more you understand about GGOB the more you will realize that these bonus programs are set up to be self-funded and driven through rewards, MiniGames, and in some cases, employee-ownership.


These are the three defining principles of The Great Game of Business. Each principle brings astounding engagement and results - these are the non-negotiable prerequisites for success.

If your values align with our principles, then The Great Game of Business will be life-changing for you and your team.


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