What It's Like To Play The Great Game of Business

Getting A Business Coach vs. Doing it Yourself

What It's Like To Play The Great Game of Business

Cultural Impact of The Great Game of Business

We're Forecasting, We're Looking Ahead & Making Very Powerful & Informed Decisions - Aimee Woodall

We Want To Learn From A Framework That's Been Tested And Proven - Sergio Paiz



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The Impact Financial Literacy Training Can Have on Employees At Work And Home

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How The Great Game of Business Can Develop and Grow Employees

It Has Made A Huge Impact On Our Organization As A Whole, But Also All of Our Staff - Rebecca Weber

Working Here Is About Being Part of Something Bigger Than Ourselves - SummitCove Employee

How An Employee Transformed His Financial Situation


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The Great Game of Business is centered around 3 very practical principles; Know & Teach the Rules (educate your employees on the business), Follow the Action & Keep Score (empower your employees to help improve the business), and Provide A Stake in the Outcome (engage your employees by rewarding them for exceptional performance). The idea is that when you share and teach the financial information to employees, explain how their daily actions affect the 300company's finances, and give them something to gain for their part in advancing the company, they become much more engaged in making sure the company sees success. Because the company's success becomes their success. They start to think, act, and feel like owners of the company. Creating an ownership mentality within the organization.


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