"Have You Worked with Companies Like Mine?" 

Perhaps you LOVE the concepts we focused on: empowering employees by educating them on company financials.

But you might be thinking:

"That's great. But it just wouldn't work with my type of organization or in my industry."

We understand your skepticism. However, the tremendous success that we’ve helped companies of all types and all sizes achieve speaks for itself.

Overcoming Perceived Challenges to Playing The Game: A Success Story

When Greene County administrator Tim Smith came to The Great Game of Business® for assistance but expressed concerns about implementing the system in the governmental sector, he said, “Unlike a company like SRC, each of our departments has a different mission. We have struggled to find a way to bind ourselves together as we provide a whole spectrum of almost unrelated activities.”

Another concern was that since Greene County leadership is composed of 20 independently elected officials, no one person could make the decision to go forward with implementing The Great Game®.

Smith realized that the principles of transparency and financial literacy aren’t just important for running a company. They are necessary for an effective government as well. “Whether you are ‘for profit' or not, you can’t run an organization if you don’t know your numbers,” he said.

Despite the perceived challenges of implementing The Great Game in government, Smith and 50 other people from the county attended one of our workshops. After leaving the seminar, Greene County began implementing team Huddles within two weeks and identified MiniGames that could work across multiple departments, even with people who had no control over revenue.

Working in close partnership, we were able to come up with solutions for implementation and achieve a complete and positive change in the approach to budget planning and forecasting methods.

That’s merely one example, but there are countless other industries we’ve been able to help.