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Most of the problems we have in business today are a direct result of our failure to show people how they fit into the Big Picture.

That failure undermines company after company. We put a guy in front of a radial drill and tell him to focus all his attention on drilling a hole as accurately as possible. So he does it. He drills the hole and he watches the forging go to the next station, and he sees something fit perfectly into the hole he’s just drilled. Then we come back and tell him the company is in trouble because there’s something wrong with the way he’s using his time. He can’t understand. What could be wrong? His job was to drill the hole, and he did it perfectly. So if something is wrong, it has to be someone else’s fault. The problem is that we’ve never trained people to look beyond their machine tools (or their computers, or their telephones, or their dollies, or their trucks, or whatever they use in their jobs). So they can’t understand how the holes could be perfect, and the company could be failing.


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Nearly 40 Years of Doing Business Differently

Group 528

Educate your people about the business
so they begin to think like an owner;

Empower your people to use that education to make better business decisions
so they act like an owner;

Engage your people in driving business results by providing them a Stake in the Outcome
so they feel like an owner.

What You Can Expect

This interactive virtual event is hosted by Great Game of Business Vice President Steve Baker. This is not a webinar where you sit and listen. You will be:

  • challenged, engaged, and educated around The Great Game methodology.
  • You will learn about the Critical Number, the core driver of your business today, and how aligning your team around this number will transform your company.
  • informed on the myths and misconceptions of open-book management.
  • guided through exercises that you can use immediately to engage your team.
  • Learn strategies that motivate across the generational gap.
  • Learn how to gain trust and alignment through financial transparency.
  • Learn about self-funding, Gain-Sharing bonus programs.
Group 527

Who Should Attend

  • Business owners, leaders, and key decision-makers who really want exercises they can employ today in their own business and understand how our step-by-step system can transform their business.

  • Entrepreneurs who are "stuck" in their current business system, who want to take their business...and their the next level.


$295 per seat

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Group 526

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