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Keeping The Game Alive: Educating Through Gamification

Jul 5, 2019 by Lisa Halfmann 0 Comments

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Over more than two decades, our employees have consistently been exposed to the teachings of the Great Game of Business® through meetings and trainings at Daryl Flood, Inc., but we found that we wanted to take this training beyond the classroom to interact directly with employees on an individual level. How? Through gamification of our training courses. This allows us to share content with employees in a format that is fun and motivates them to engage in learning at their convenience. There are four things to focus on when building a successful gamified education program:

1. Find the Best Method

This means different things for different companies. It may be creating a new position with the role focusing solely on direct education and building fun ways to monitor employees’ progress. We chose to implement an online Learning Management System (LMS) that we call, “Career Compass.” This tool manages each team member’s course progress and the standings of all teams.

2. Focus on the Right Content

Determine what is most important to communicate to your teams. This could be anything, but it must be specific. We chose to focus on the fundamentals of The Game: MiniGames™, the Critical Number™, business transparency, etc., as well as key Daryl Flood foundational themes and our dependable company culture.

3. Organize Content to Make It Achievable

This allows employees to attain gratification throughout their educational progression. In Career Compass, we created four unique content tiers that we call “badges” to help each individual measure their progress.

  • GGOB Badge - Requires attendance of six Great Gathering meetings with a weekly written submission of gained takeaway knowledge and what the employee can do to move the company toward its goal.
  • MVVP Badge - Requires completion of training sessions on Mission, Vision, Values and Philosophy, and a written submission on how the employee’s individual role contributes to each of these.
  • Four Pillars Badge - Requires completion of four training sessions with a written submission on how each pillar can be integrated into their daily work activities.
  • Daryl Flood Dependable TEAM Badge - This team activity requires each team member to provide a 250-word submission about how they have observed a fellow team member being “Daryl Flood Dependable”.

4. Implement Rewards

Offer rewards that motive team members to engage. At the completion of each level of courses, Daryl Flood, Inc. employees earn rewards associated with the level’s key theme. Team members that complete the GGOB Badge get a casual dress day. MVVP Badge achievers receive an “I am the MVVP” company shirt. Earning the Four Pillars Badge means an additional half day of PTO. And, with completion of the Daryl Flood Dependable Team Badge, the full team enjoys a catered or off-site lunch.


To learn more about how Daryl Flood, Inc. is keeping the The Game alive after nearly 25 years in practice, join Lisa Halfmann and the team at the 27th Annual Gathering of Games, where they will present an educational half-day pre-conference workshop on the topic.



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Lisa Halfmann
Written by Lisa Halfmann

VP of Human Resources at Daryl Flood, Inc. - Daryl Flood is a relocation and logistics company with worldwide partners through Mayflower Transit, United Van Lines, and Harmony Relocation Network. The company, which was founded in 1982, currently has five wholly-owned subsidiaries with 15 locations. While about half the company’s revenue comes from domestic household goods relocation, it has expanded into new areas including international household goods relocation, commercial relocation, relocation management, appliance home delivery and installation, and 3PL warehousing.

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