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September 4-6, 2019 | Hilton Anatole Dallas

2018 Pre-Conference Events

Below are the descriptions for the 2018 Gathering pre-conference events.  Stay tuned for the 2019 agenda, to be released in the spring.

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The pre-conference workshops were created to allow an opportunity to enhance your conference experience even further.  Below are the descriptions of the pre-conference events featured at the 2018 Gathering of Games. Have a look and get an idea of what you can expect for the 2019 pre-conference workshops. 


Full-Day Pre-Conference Workshops

Michele Bridges (The Great Game of Business)

Michele Bridges

The Great Game of Business

"The Game" Overview

Additional Fee: $585

If you've read the book, The Great Game of Business, you're probably asking yourself, "Is The Game for real? Can it really produce rapid financial results and lasting cultural change?"

The answer is yes; and for more than 25 years, we've been sharing our proven operating system for educating, empowering and engaging employees at all levels of the company with business people all over the world.

This workshop features:

  • a complete Great Game of Business overview
  • an employee panel Q&A
  • a full MiniGames™ training session
The Game can be adapted to fit any organization. Come see for yourself; join us for a full-day overview and immerse yourself in The Great Game of Business.
Recommended for: attendees from companies considering or just beginning GGOB implementation; employees new to the GGOB concepts (new hires at current practitioners, for example)
Pre-registration for this workshop was required for an additional fee ($585). Breakfast, lunch and breaks included.
Alia Stowers (Tarath, LLC)

Alia Stowers

Tarath, LLC

Leading from Strengths Using Gallup's StrengthsFinder 2.0®

Additional Fee: $585

Leadership development is key for making a design team work to successfully implement any major strategy like the Great Game of Business. Gallup’s StrengthsFinder 2.0® is a powerful tool for leadership development that starts wit self- and others-awareness to impact conflict management and team performance; it is used by many highly profitable companies to engage employees, leverage their best talents in the work environment, and motivate them toward a common vision.

Focusing on the natural talents of your employees and teams has been proven to maximize the efforts of any important initiative… in this case, the Great Game of Business! While StrengthsFinder 2.0® is a great tool, partnering the assessment with powerful training from an engaging, effective Gallup-certified strengths coach is a great way to fully leverage the richness of the content.

Participants in this full-day workshop will:

  • learn about talent themes and understand why strengths culture is the most highly-engaged culture in the world
  • learn to create powerful partnerships and strategically manage teams to leverage natural talents
  • discover how their own leadership style is impacted by their natural talents, and how to use this to their advantage

As part of this workshop, participants will learn their Top 5 StrengthsFinder results. The workshop is then customized to the participants’ results so they can practice the power of strengths and how the talents of each employee and team in their culture could be leveraged using this incredible tool. Great discussion and interactive activities will keep the day energized as they apply strengths to their current culture to fully maximize GGOB principles.

Recommended for: anyone
Pre-registration for this workshop was required for an additional fee ($585). Breakfast, lunch, breaks and top 5 StrengthsFinder results included.

Afternoon Pre-Conference Workshops

Rich Armstrong (The Great Game of Business)

Rich Armstrong

Steve Baker (The Great Game of Business)

Steve Baker

The Great Game of Business

Get in the Game: The GGOB 10-Step Implementation Process

Additional Fee: $235

Deep-dive into the best practices of the GGOB with our “10-Step Approach to Implementation”.

At this truncated version of our two-day workshop at SRC, you'll learn the time-tested approach to sustainable success with the Great Game of Business.  Lead by GGOB coaches and the authors of the forthcoming book on the same topic, this session will give participants valuable tools and practical planning tips that will benefit them during their open-book management journey.

Recommended for: all individuals from companies ready to implement, or at the beginning stages of implementing, the Great Game of Business
Pre-registration for this workshop was required for an additional fee ($235).
Kevin Walter (Tasty Catering / GGOB Coach)

Kevin Walter

Tasty Catering / GGOB Coach

Cindy Stein & Angie Crews

Greene County, MO

Rhonda Chapman

The Great Game of Business

Heartbeat of The Game: Huddling Master Class

Additional Fee: $235

Whether you are new to The Game or a long-time practitioner, let’s face it, Huddles can become stale or just routine, leading to lackluster employee engagement in your Game.  Sound familiar?

GGOB practitioners and coaches will provide a bevy of best practices that will help you to realize better results through increased engagement in your organization.

The content in this session will be targeted towards “Closing the Gap” between the front lines and leadership through effective communication and by having fun!      

Time tested Huddle techniques to make your Huddles the “can’t miss” highlight of the work week will be shared.  You will learn how to increase employee “ownership” and involvement in The Great Game of Business, and leave equipped with an arsenal of Huddling, scoreboard, and rewards & recognition tools.

Recommended for: supervisors at all levels of companies practicing GGOB (beginners to advanced)
Pre-registration for this workshop was required for an additional fee ($235).
Thomas Bagwell (Peterson Trucks)

Thomas Bagwell

Peterson Trucks

The Positive Psychology Behind the Great Game of Business: Tools for More Effective Leadership

Additional Fee: $235

Understand how the science of individual and team flourishing (Positive Psychology) works and how to use it to maximize your efforts in the Great Game of Business.

We will go in depth into the study and application of high performance teams and resilience training taught at leading corporations and the US Army. Using the PERMA (Positive Emotions, Engagement, Positive Relationships, Meaning and Accomplishments) we will dissect the ingredients of the Great Game methodology and give you specific tools to leverage to improve your own teams. For example, understand how to tell your 'Why' story, how to turn failures into lessons that make teams want to succeed and most importantly, how to set up teams to 'win'.

You'll learn how to give feedback that promotes success rather than feedback that stops people from trying again. Leverage your current team's strengths and learn new ways of getting better.

Don't let the word 'Positive' lead you to think this class is all about being 'Happy' - it's about creating an environment where everyone believes they can succeed - with scientifically-tested methods that you can use in your workplace.

Recommended for: experienced Great Game practitioners, leaders at all levels of the company
Pre-registration for this workshop was required for an additional fee ($235).

Michelle Gardner

The Venturity Experience Team

Venturity Financial

Practitioner Visit: Venturity Financial

Additional Fee: $235
Dallas-based professional services firm, Venturity Financial Partners, welcome you to their offices, where they will take you on their personal GGOB journey, highlighting how they were able to round out their values driven approach, and solidify a culture rooted in empowerment and ownership thinking. In an action-packed afternoon at Venturity, you will witness a team-led Huddle, understand what it means to win financially as well as emotionally and have direct access to the team of influencers throughout their organization that came together to design their Game from the ground up.
Recommended for: any attendee interested in seeing The Game in action; companies looking for innovative project- and people-management practices; professional services companies interested in benchmarking
Pre-registration for this workshop was required for an additional fee ($235), and includes transportation to and from Venturity's nearby offices.
Jack Stack (SRC Holdings) and Bo Burlingham (Author)

Jack Stack

SRC Holdings

Bo Burlingham


Taking Your Game to the Next Level: Planning for the Future

Additional Fee: $375

Building on the lessons they explored in their session at last year’s Gathering of Games, Jack Stack and his co-author Bo Burlingham, along with writer Darren Dahl, will conduct a hands-on, interactive workshop, taking participants on a deeper dive into some of the overlooked lessons and messages from Jack and Bo's second book, A Stake in the Outcome®. They will coach participants on how SRC continues to plan and forecast for the future through its company-wide High-Involvement Planning process—with a more than 90% accuracy rate over 35 years—and why they also create contingency plans and trap doors to deal with the unexpected. They will revisit the 13 “Ownership Rules” detailed in the SIO book and explain how an ownership culture could be the key difference in how your organization makes out in the coming war for talent. As a bonus, participants will receive a free audio version of A Stake in the Outcome®.

Recommended for: top level management from companies practicing open-book management for more than two years
Pre-registration for this workshop was required for an additional fee ($375).

4pm to 5pm

Sponsored Session

Menke & Associates

Menke & Associates

Providing a Stake in the Outcome® through Employee Ownership

An Employee Stock Ownership plan can provide a variety of benefits for a company, including corporate tax savings, an owner liquidation strategy, and employee retirement benefits. Join Menke & Associates, the nation's premier ESOP advisors, to find out if an ESOP might be right for your business.
Recommended for: owners/top management of companies considering different exit strategies
This session is sponsored by Menke & Associates, and was free to attend. Pre-registration is requested.

2018 Reception


The 2018 Networking Reception gave participants a chance to test their limits and step outside their comfort zone... Attendees were challenged to participate in five high-intensity thrill attractions, including such rarities as the Nothin' but Net free-fall and Texas Blast-Off, and the always popular bungee jump!

For those that weren't much for thrill rides, also had a chance to participate in go-carting (including DRAGSTERS!) and arcade games, amazing food and cocktails, not to mention the best reason of all to attend: networking with other open-book management practitioners. Participants had a blast!      

Pre-registration for this event was required for an additional fee ($175) - price included food, bar, entertainment and transportation from/to the hotel.


It's unlike any other experience. So much fun, learning, and passion.

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