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Case Study - Daryl Flood, Inc.

Daryl Flood Logo

Location: Coppell, Texas

Revenues: $107.1 million

Employees: 340

The Critical Number™: Return on Revenue

Organization Background

Daryl Flood, Inc. is a relocation and logistics company with worldwide partners through Mayflower Transit, United Van Lines, and Harmony Relocation Network. The company, which was founded in 1982, currently has five wholly-owned subsidiaries with 15 locations. While about half the company’s revenue comes from domestic household goods relocation, it has expanded into new areas including international household goods relocation, commercial relocation, relocation management, appliance home delivery and installation, and 3PL warehousing.


Teach the team to take ownership of the essential business objectives that drive company success including revenue, profit, and cash flow generation, as a way to create more opportunities in the form of jobs, financial rewards, and promotions.


Employ a rigorous dedication to constant huddling, financial literacy training, and long-term thinking.


“Our number one goal is to ‘Satisfy the Customer,’ or, as we say, deliver ‘Daryl Flood Dependable’ service,” says Daryl R. Flood, who founded the company.

Flood credits the Great Game of Business with helping his team achieve lasting results and year-over-year improvements. They have grown from $10 million in revenue when they started playing the Great Game in 1995 to a projected $121 million in revenue in 2018. In a five-year period, between 2010 and 2015, the team doubled their revenue—while also remaining debt-free and profitable, a trend that continues today.

The Great Game has also helped the team build a culture of empowerment and learning. Each employee is taught to think like an owner and to understand how they contribute to the bottom line—while taking pride in what they do, as a company and on an individual level.

“The power of the Great Game of Business is that everyone knows everything,” says J. Kelly O’Connor, Senior Vice President. “That’s how you build trust, empowerment, and a sense of ownership. That’s something that you have to constantly reinforce. It has become a key cornerstone and pillar of our culture.”


“As a dispatcher, I was given a crash course on financials.  I remember thinking what a privilege it was that they were really letting me in on the inner workings of managing a moving company.  I learned so much about revenue, expense, ROR, labor ratios, etc.  Being taught to think and act like an owner early in my development as a leader truly helped open doors to a successful career path.” ~ Chris Siler – Director of Local Operations & Government Services, HHG


MiniGame™ Spotlight

Playing MiniGames helped the Daryl Flood team realize a gain of $239,728 in profit above plan in 2017—while other games generated positive returns that created impacts beyond the bottom line.

Each department establishes its key MiniGame objectives when they create their joint annual business plan. For example, one of the Customer Care Department’s 2017 goals was a reduction in days to settle claims.


“GGOB has allowed me to learn, teach, share, and be actively involved in our business. It requires thought, honest input, and participation. It has allowed me to achieve a higher purpose in my career through the sharing of knowledge, experience, and profits. I also enjoy winning and this shows people we are serious about ‘winning in our business.” ~ C. Douglas Smith – Vice President & General Manager of Domestic HHG


What's Next

As a company that has been playing the Game for multiple decades, they also face the challenge of keeping things fresh and interesting when it comes to their game play—especially when it comes to their younger team members.

Flood says that despite the success his business has gained from playing the Great Game of Business, he’s excited to boost their game play by introducing more High-Involvement Planning™ (HIP) strategic thinking into their culture that will help the business plan for the coming years, including future acquisitions the company may make. “This will provide a window into our long-range thinking and what will be needed to accomplish our goals,” says Flood. “It also provides stability and hope for a better tomorrow. It fits with our mantra to work hard, play hard, and think long-term.”


The Great Game impacts our business by keeping employees in the loop of everything going on within the company. This allows employees to be able to step up and help in areas that they may not have known about without the GGOB weekly meetings. GGOB has had a positive impact on my career. Openly knowing how our company is doing in all aspects and seeing the accomplishments people within the company are making has made it a ‘career,’ not just a job.” ~ Becky Hickman – Credit & Collections Specialist


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