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The Power of Organizational Focus

The 2015 Gathering of Games was a huge success in my mind – in many ways because I learned something new with each person I talked to or spoke with.

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Attending the Inc. 5000 Conference? Catch up with us in Orlando!

This week the Great Game of Business team will hit the road for Orlando, Florida, for the annual Inc. 5000 Conference and Gala.

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What Does Cash Flow Mean to Employees?

When the company does well, our professional lives go forward, but when the company doesn’t do well, eventually, it will impact the employees. The most common employee response to a company failure is “we never saw this coming!”

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Small Giants Summit | September 20-23, 2015

While you’re still basking in the afterglow of the Gathering of Games, we wanted to share with you an additional opportunity to build relationships with some great leaders who have a deep commitment to values and collaboration from our friends at the Small Giants Community. (A number of whom are Great Game of Business practitioners.) It’s a quick turnaround, but definitely worth your effort. The 2015 Small Giants Summit in Dallas on September 20 - 23 has attendees from South Africa, the United States, Canada, Mexico, France, Japan and Brazil and is an excellent opportunity for global learning on an intimate scale.

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Using Education and Open-Book Management to Improve Your Cash Flow

In business, there isn’t anything more important than cash. Cash is the oxygen of the business that enables it to survive and prosper.

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Tips for Forecasting Cash Flow

Forecasting cash flow is the key to the survival of many organizations, yet it’s a non-existent process in others.

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The Huddle: Where the Action Happens (Even Virtually!)

When you made the decision to start huddling, you have a HUGE opportunity to change the mindset of your people from that meeting, to something more magical.

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Business Action Guide Series…In Action!

According to Gallup and other workplace surveys, only about 18 percent of managers are effective in engaging their employees.

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