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Why Learning and Development Is Important in the Workplace

Dec 8, 2023 by Great Game Team 0 Comments
In the fast-paced world of modern business, adaptability and innovation are key to staying competitive. Organizations must invest in their most valuable asset to thrive in this environment: their employees. Learning and development (L&D) programs are one of the main driving forces behind employee growth and, in turn, organizational success.
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How to Keep Your Peer Advisory Group Engaged and Motivated

Dec 6, 2023 by Great Game Team 0 Comments
In sports, championships are not won under the bright cameras in front of thousands of screaming fans. They are won after months of hard work and practice, and only after premier athletes spend a decade honing their craft.
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6 Benefits of Having an Employee Bonus Program

There is no more powerful tool a manager can have than a good bonus program. If a bonus program works, it can be an incredible motivator. It can get people producing at levels that make the cost of the program seem like peanuts, no matter how much you may have spent to set it up.
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The 7 Secrets of Highly Effective Peer Advisory Groups

Nov 29, 2023 by Great Game Team 1 Comment
Peer advisory groups run the gamut, from informal circles of friends who talk on the phone every day to more formalized approaches like online forums where people meet periodically at the same time every week or month.
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Why Should You Join a Peer Advisory Group? 7 Reasons Why These Groups Can Elevate Your Growth

Nov 21, 2023 by Great Game Team 0 Comments
Everyone has had a peer advisory group at some time in their lives. It was just relatively informal. As children and teenagers, an informal peer advisory group consisted of closest friends, BFFs, classmates, parents, and maybe a mentor who took you under their wing.
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3 Tips For Maximizing Opportunity During A Mild Recession

Oct 18, 2023 by Great Game Team 0 Comments
Economists are predicting a mild recession in 2024. That means small to medium-sized businesses will have to work a little harder to stay profitable and successful. Luckily, we're breaking down three things businesses can do in 2024 to maximize opportunity and set their businesses up for 5-6 years of consecutive growth.
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Why Gamification Works When Trying to Overhaul Your Company Culture

Oct 7, 2023 by Great Game Team 0 Comments
One of the fundamentals of the Great Game of Business is MiniGames™, which are short-term, intensely focused, ‘continuous improvement’ campaigns designed to affect a change, correct a weakness, or pursue an opportunity within the organization. There is a team goal, a way to keep score (Scoreboard), and a reward for winning, usually self-funded by the improvements made.
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Why Winter Is the Perfect Time for Business Coaching and Shifting Company Culture

Sep 20, 2023 by Great Game Team 0 Comments
You’re reading this in early September when the winter holidays are still around three months away. But if you’re an e-commerce or B2C company, you need to start thinking about the holidays in August at the latest because, if the winter holiday season is the key to your success, planning is everything.
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Why Leading by Example Sends the Most Powerful Message to Your Employees

Leading by example is one of the most powerful tools your company has in droves. And the best part? You don’t have to spend a dime to do it. You just have to show up and, well, inspire action by simply doing what you say you’re going to do. Why is leading by example so important when you’re transforming company culture and want to retain employees?
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10 Reasons Why Transparency Is Powerful for Your Employees

Aug 21, 2023 by Great Game Team 1 Comment
Transparency goes a long way for not just your employees but your business as well. Being transparent with your employees is often underestimated, yet it can be a powerful tool for creating a productive and positive work environment.
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