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Benefits of Business Coaching for Construction Companies

Aug 17, 2023 by Great Game Team 0 Comments

Coaching call meeting over zoomThe list of challenges faced by CEOs in the construction industry is long indeed. However, these hurdles can be overcome through the employee-first business philosophy of the Great Game of Business. 

In today’s post, we’ll discuss the benefits of GGOB business coaching for the construction industry. 

The Great Game Explained

The Great Game of Business is a holistic, integrative framework with years of experience informing it. Businesses have played the game for decades and have seen results. 

Many business owners read the book and try it themselves. This method works well, but only up to a point. 

The Downside of DIY 

Tweaking organizational systems can be time-consuming, expensive, and even dangerous — especially if you’re touching on sensitive issues like employee compensation, bonuses, and so on. 

Hiring a coach to help you get results is more time efficient. 

Overcome Challenges in the Construction Industry

Business leaders in the construction industry face numerous challenges, from safety concerns, regulatory compliance issues, and fierce market competition to rapid technological changes. 

GGOB coaching helps you address these issues by creating a series of processes and procedures to promote a more resilient organization. It’s the fastest way to get your employees to start thinking and acting like business owners themselves. 

This employee-first business model lets you offload responsibilities down the organizational pipeline, making it easier to allow key employees to handle project management-related tasks. 

The Top Benefits of Business Coaching for CEOs 

Shorten the learning curve. A coaching session is a lot like a personal trainer. It’s someone to hold you accountable and help you see what you’re doing wrong and quickly fix it. 

Coaching fills in the knowledge gaps. Whether you’re having difficulty structuring bonus plans or creating an accountability system to keep your business on track, a Great Game coach can help you. 

Answer key questions. When companies implement the Great Game methodology, questions inevitably arise. Hiring a coach gives you access to answers immediately. 

In fact, we’ll cover all the bases and answer questions like: 

  • How do I keep my construction business profitable and still play the Game? 
  • How can I improve the cash flow for my construction business? 
  • What business strategies can I use to build an employee-first company? 

GGOB coaching isn’t a cookie-cutter, depersonalized experience. You’re paired with a coach who has experience running a construction business or working in the industry. 

Work Less Hours, Carry Less Stress 

Construction business owners have the opportunity to work less hours, generate more profit, and free up time to focus on developing big-picture business strategies and culture. 

Our coaches start by covering the big picture. We’ll listen to your struggles and give some prescriptions on how our methodology solves them. 

Then we’ll see about delivering a uniquely tailored approach to helping your business overcome those hurdles. 

Establish Better Growth Strategies 

Businesses that grow too fast can suffer self-inflicted cash flow issues forcing staff layoffs and low morale. 

It’s important to have strategies that let your construction company grow sustainably and offer a great environment for your employees to feel empowered and engaged. 

This is where GGOB’s high involvement planning, or strategic planning, comes in handy. GGOB coaching can help you navigate a changing business landscape by providing you with unique growth strategies.

Learn to Keep Your High-Performing Employees

As you already know, the construction industry needs help attracting young talent, as well as keeping them. The average worker is expensive to replace when you consider the time it takes to onboard and train. 

A Great Game coach will teach you how to create an organizational system that attracts and retains the best performers, breaking it down step by step into workable actions. 

Enhance Financial Transparency

Open-book management teaches employees about company finances and helps to foster a culture of accountability and shared responsibility for success. 

Business coaching sessions place enormous emphasis on strong communication within an organization. This leads to better collaboration among team members and stakeholders.

Get a Competitive Advantage 

Think about this. Other construction companies don’t leverage the talents and abilities of their workforce in the same way that businesses that play the game do. The run-of-the-mill company doesn't educate workers on financial statements or empower them to make decisions for the company. 

To those businesses unfamiliar with the Game, it seems ludicrous to consider. Yet, this model of open-book management has been proven to work time and time again. 

That means following suit and committing to running your business differently will give you an edge. Not only that, it will help you feel as if the weight of the company’s success or failure isn’t resting solely on your shoulders. 

Attain Faster Results 

Doing it yourself is time-consuming. Depending on how you approach it, it might take years before you can say you’re really playing the Game. Hiring a coach cuts down the time. 

Coaching sessions will help you to rapidly implement a system of workflows to transition your business into a Great Game company. 

This is done by identifying the variables holding you back, be it the workplace culture or internal procedures, and offering up real, workable solutions. 

It could be that you’re having difficulty finding your critical number or getting your employees to embrace open-book management. 

In such cases, the Great Game coach will show you how to take the fear out of the numbers and start educating and empowering your workforce. 

Book a Coaching Call Today! 

Interested in taking your company to the next level? Get personalized coaching from the Great Game of Business today!

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