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The Four P's to Remember During Crisis

During a Crisis – No Idea is Off the Table.

There's No Shame in Trying To Save Your Business

10 Key Steps for your Business to Survive a Crisis

Taking the Fear Out of the Workplace

4 Reasons Your Employees Aren't on the Open-Book Bandwagon

How a Book Report Changed My Life: A Practitioners Story

3 Things to Consider When Self Implementing Open-Book Management

4 Common Mistakes Companies Make with Open-Book Management

To Be or Not To Be (Coached) — That is the Question

Practicing What We Preach at The Great Game of Business

Four Reasons to Play MiniGames™

The Universal Opportunity to Use Business to Close the Gap Between the Haves and the Have-Nots

Your People are Asking for Opportunities to Grow

The Building Blocks of an Effective Bonus Plan

The 5 Myths of Management

Four Essential Items to Cover During A Huddle

Sustaining The Game: 6 Tips for Energizing Current Staff & Onboarding with GGOB

4 Questions to Ask for Successful Succession Planning

Funding Your Employer Brand Plan—A Numbers Game You Need to Win

The 3 Things You Need to Design into Your 2020 Bonus Plan

Creating & Distributing Wealth: Are You Doing Your Part To Raise the Standard?

Hitting Big Goals Starts with Small Wins

Great Game™ All-Star Leads the Way in Corporate Social Responsibility

Why You Need to Get Rid of the Employee Mentality

These Results are No Game: Real Results From Real Great Game™ Practitioners

Business Planning: Expect the Unexpected with Contingency Plans

Why We Want to Do Away with Jobs

Boosting Employee Retention by Building Careers

The Collective Wisdom is Greater Than You

The Do's and Don’ts of an Outstanding Huddle: How to Maximize Your Meetings

Jack Stack Reveals the Why Behind Great Game­™ in His Upcoming Book

If You're Not Keeping Score, It's Only Practice

As a Leader, Are You Living Up to Your End of the Employment Bargain?

Closing the Talent Gap at Hutten & Co

What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger: Surviving the Recession by Starting with Why

Communication Will Make or Break Your Great Game™ Implementation

8 Essential Tips for a Successful Huddle

Building a Business of Businesspeople at Netflix

The 4 C's of Long-Term Business Planning

The Secret to Creating an Ownership Culture: Hint—It's Not Just About Equity

How One Company Saved $270K in MiniGames™ & Educational Training

What's My Critical Number and Why Do I Need It?

5 Golden Rules of Teaching Financials to Employees

Using MiniGames™ To Drive Open-Book Leadership At H-E-B

A Buried Treasure Where You Least Expect It

Time is Money: Playing The Game in a Service-Based Company

Are You Too Afraid to Open the Books?

Why Choose an ESOP? Benefits of an ESOP Exit Strategy

Why Has Profit Become a Bad Word (And What Can We do About It)?

The Myth and Magic of the Critical Number™

To Teach the Numbers, Show the Human Story Behind Them

Get Ready Now for the Economic Upturn in 2020

Why Implement & Continue to Invest in The Game?

Can Thinking Like Owners Save the Car Industry?

Conference Insights, 21 Hats, and a New Book

Why You Need to Connect Your People To Your Strategy

Empower Your Employees Through Knowledge

Our 10-Step Approach to GGOB Implementation

An Emotional 2019 Gathering of Games

4 Easy Strategies to Communicate Financials so Employees Can Understand

Transparency: Why It Matters & What It Can Do For Your Business

Jack Stack: Why I Wrote a New Book

How SRC Lexington Brings an Open-Book Philosophy to Employee Engagement 

How The Great Game Helps Create Sustainable Enlightened Businesses

All-Star People's Choice Poll 2019

3 Ways GGOB Underpins Lasting, Evergreen Companies

Why is Choosing a Critical Number™ So Important?

Leadership Begins With Thinking About Yourself

What Businesses Can Learn From The U.S. Women’s Soccer Team

Business Success Through People Success is the New Leadership Frontier

Can Equity Ownership be the Ultimate Stake in the Outcome?

4 Takeaways for Achieving Results in Your Business Transformation

6 Practices for Successfully Leading the Millennial Generation

Questions to Avoid (and What to Ask Instead) to Be a Better Great Game™ Leader

3 Must-Watch Videos Featuring GGOB Practitioners

Harnessing the Strengths of the Game

5 Reasons You Need a PayBrand Story to Scale Your Business

3 Efficiency MiniGame™ Ideas & Examples From the 2019 All-Stars

Scoreboarding: The Whats, Hows and Whys

The Great Game™ Study Guide

Five Reasons Open-Book Companies Should Consider an ESOP

Are You Really Opening the Books?

9 Rules to Make Staff Huddles Work

7 Best Practices to Take Your Bonus Plan Up a Notch

How To Grow Engagement From Apathetic to Awesome

Keeping The Game Alive: Educating Through Gamification

10 Easy Ways Leader Can Express Appreciation in the Workplace

Lessons Learned in an Open & Honest Company

Is the Open-Door Policy Just Lazy Leadership?

5 Reasons You Need to Attend the Gathering of Games

4 Tips for Creating a Generational Inclusive Workforce

COCOZZA: Where One Self-Implementer Began Their Great Game™ Journey

MiniGame™ Showcase: GUY Engingeering's Take Me Out to the Ballgame

6 Best Practices for Creating a Recognition Culture

10 Reasons and Tips for Overcoming Your Fear of Transparency

2019 All-Star Team Announced

One Sentence Employee Engagement: 20 Words To Gain Emotional Commitment

7 Tips for Communicating Change

8 Awesome MiniGame Ideas Generated by Practitioners

The "Why" Behind High-Involvement Planning™

An Ownership Culture & Mindset: Redemption After Financial Downturn

4 Best Practices for Employee Engagement

9 Forecasting Phrases to Listen For

10 Surprising Things Successful Leaders Do Differently

The Four Pillars of Leadership

MiniGame™ Showcase: GRC's Galaga Doubles Planned PBT

How Playing the Great Game Helps You Prepare for an Unpredictable Economy

Overcoming Your Fear of Disclosure: Part II

3 Must-See Videos to Understand What Great Game® is All About

Four Characteristics of a Strong Critical Number

Overcoming Your Fear of Disclosure: Part I

5 Things Every Manager Needs To Know About Employee Engagement

Don't Worry About the Big Issues, Just Do Your Job

Ask the Coaches: Getting Started with the Great Game™

Capitalizing on GGOB to Attract Employees & Customers

It's a Big Mistake to Promote People Too Quickly

How SRC is Using The Game to Tackle its Critical Number: People

A Manager's Job Is to Come Up with Answers

Huddling 101: The Pre-Huddle, Management Huddle, and Company-Wide Huddle

What's the Great Game All About Anyway?

Nice Guys Finish Last

Reaching the Front-Line: Turning a Part-Time Job into a Career

Ask the Coaches: Tackling Roadblocks to Transparency

4 Types of Planning for Sustainable Business Success

No Money, No Mission: Should Nonprofits Operate Like a Business?

Don't Tell People the Truth—They'll Screw You

Transparency Reaching New Heights in Government

Kick-Starting your Game: Your Questions Answered

Over Your GGOB Honeymoon Phase? So Was My Company

MiniGames Help Generate $475,000 Increase in Sales at Willoway

Forecasting 101: 3 Tips for Success

The Roots of Open-Book Management with Jack Stack and Jim Canfield

Meet the Original Doubter of Open-Book Management

Uber and Lyft Need To Realize That Stock Is Not A Magic Pill

Why Recognizing Small Achievements Matters and How To Do So

Healthy Budgeting Means Cutting Fat—Not Muscle

From Apprehensive Doubter to Passionate Player

6 Tips for Easing Managers into The Game

The Victory Mission Turning Business Around in a Non-Profit

Jack Stack on Retention and SRC's Critical Number: People

One MiniGame, 4 Players, $100K Return

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People & How It Can Positively Affect Your Game- Part 1

5 Ways to Eat Your Competition for Breakfast

What Does Cash Flow Mean to Employees?

How to Create a Safe Environment for Employee Involvement

The Key to Employee Motivation: Recognition & Praise

The Management Style Every Millennial Should Know

How the Rules of Improv Can Improve Your Culture and Business

Lessons from the Field: Qualbe's 8 Points to Consider When Playing MiniGames

Perception v. Reality: Roadblocks to Transparency and Where to Begin

6 Easy Ways to Reward & Recognize your Employees

Where Do I Start? Begin by Measuring the Right Results

The Great Game Growing in Springfield Social Sectors

A Quick Guide to Huddle Success [Video and Checklist]

The Essentials of Leadership in a Great Game™ Company

25 Handy Tips to Keep Your Great Game on Track

6 Key Components of Financial Forecasting

Vulnerability and the Great Game of Business

From $62K in Debt to a Business Worth $1.2M

8 Easy Steps to Creating a New Habit

Remembering Herb Kelleher

Best Practices for Engaging, Motivating and Inspiring your Employees

The One Thing You Should Be Giving Every Employee: Financial Literacy Training

The Huddle: Where the Action Happens (Even Virtually)

Are Your Business Processes D.O.A?

35 Real Employees Share How GGOB Has Impacted Their Lives

Is Your Team Ready for Open-Books? Take This Leadership Quiz

Amy’s Ice Creams: “...The Best Job People Ever Had”

Above and Beyond Engaging Workplace Culture: Answers from our All-Stars

How a 70-Year-Old Business Keeps Their Culture and Traditions Alive While Growing Their Company

Getting the Most "Bang" Out of Your MiniGames with Outstanding Rewards

Are You Missing Out on Streamlining Your Business Processes?

From Losing Millions to Their First Dollar of Profit: GGOB and Positive Psychology at Peterson Trucks

Managers Should Have all the Answers...Right?

Anatomy of an All-Star Champion: Gravitas Impact Webinar with Rich Armstrong

Dallas' "Sexy Accountants" Striving to Become the Texas Living Laboratory

5 Surprising Benefits of The Great Game of Business®

The #1 Piece of Advice for Companies Considering Great Game®

7 Reasons Organizational Knowledge Is Power

The Great Game of Business' Influence on Southwest Airline's Cutting Edge Culture

Mason Ayer: From Lawyer to "Best CEO" in Austin

7 Stories Hiding in Your Financial Statements

Gravitas Impact Webinar Featuring Jack Stack

Answers from our All-Stars: Describe Your GGOB Aha! Moment

ForbesBooks Radio Interview: Thomas Hill, Kimray

Answers from our All-Stars: What Motivated You to Implement the Great Game of Business?

ForbesBooks Radio Interview: David Stern- Practice Velocity

Gut + Science Podcast with Rich Armstrong

5 Career Page Essentials To Build A Brand People Want to Work For

Why “People” Is Our New Critical Number

ForbesBooks Radio Interview: Shawn Burcham - PFSbrands

Using Technology to Huddle with Multiple Locations

Is a Sense of Ownership Enough?

Digital Transformation in HR - Saving Your Money and Time

Gathering of Games- MiniGame Showcase

An Outsider's Perspective on the Gathering of Games

26th Annual Gathering of Games All-Star Champions

Engaging the Disengaged Starts by Discovering the Heroes of Your Organization

3 Tips Engage, Motivate, & Inspire Employees

Automating Financial Forecasting with Office365, SharePoint and PowerBI Score Boards

How to Get More Good News

What’s your Conference Game Plan? How to Maximize your Time at The Gathering of Games

It's More Than Getting to the Critical Number

Eliminating Distortions in Your Data

The Power of Visioning

Four Rules Our Favorite Comedians Teach Us About Effective Teamwork

A Checklist Every Leader Should Be Thinking About

3 Tips for Using Open-Book Management to Attract and Retain A Players

United Heating, Cooling & Plumbing: Becoming a More United Team Through Open-Books

How to Tell if Your Huddle Needs Help

3 Tips to Create a Winning Talent Strategy

Hingepoint's Hybrid Huddle: GGOB, Lean and Agile in One

People+People: How to Build a Brand That People Want to Work With and For

Live Great Game Huddle® at Big Brothers Big Sisters Conference

Kiolbassa Uses Core Values to Celebrate First Quarter Bonuses

Last Year I Was You

Game on! What’s Next?

Leadership Should Start with Questions; Not Solutions

How To Make the Most of Your Great Game Story

Engage the Front-Line Employees

Using Culture Teams to Drive Positive Culture Change

Do Profits = Success in Your Business?

5 Ways to Win at MiniGames

Surviving to Thriving: Taking Control of Your Business and Your Life

Twelve Bogus Reasons Not to Do an ESOP

How Do All-Stars Sustain The Game?

How One Company Is Tackling The Coming War For Talent

What does the “e” in eLearning stand for?

Gathering Highlights | 10 Reasons Great Employees Stay

Gathering Highlights | How Having Hope Helps

Tips for an Outstanding Huddle

Great Game™ Team to Present at NCEO 2018 Conference

Great Game® will present at Catersource 2018!

Jenner Ag's Great Game Story

4 Takeaways from The Gathering

The 25th Annual Gathering of Games All-Star Winners

The Great Game Changed Our Culture and Business

Break the Status Quo with OBM and GGOB

Top 5 Inflection Points of Business Ownership Succession

The Who’s Who of Speakers at The Gathering – Part 2

The Who’s Who of Speakers at The Gathering – Part 3

How High-Involvement Planning Accelerates Your Company’s Growth

The Who’s Who of Speakers at The 25th Annual Gathering of Games – Part 1

6 Steps to Successfully Use Analytics

6 Tips To Drive Employee Engagement

Top 7 Reasons to Attend The Gathering

6 Ways to Make Your Huddle More People-Centric

Doing Good and Doing Well: The Case for B Corp Certification

Infographic: What is Open-Book Management?

24th Annual Gathering of Games All-Star Awards

There is No "I" in Team: Why Adding Teambuilding to Your Huddles is Important

Leading the Way Towards a Hopeful Culture

Great Game Experience Regional Workshops: What Are the Benefits (and Who Should Attend)?

5 Ways to Reinvigorate Your Financial Literacy

What is OBM? (A New Practitioner’s Perspective)

Top 10 Reasons Why Great Employees Stay

Open-Book Management on Safari

Blood, Sweat and Beers – Why I track Everything

3 Ways to Build Trust Through Transparency

Information That’s Critical to Peak Performance

Measuring 'Funergy'

7 Advantages of Killing Traditional Learning Environments

Behind the Scenes of the April 2017 Forbes Article Featuring SRC Holdings, Inc. and The Great Game of Business

VP Steve Baker Sits Down at INC 5000 for an In-Depth Interview by Approyo

Press Play: Great Game® Mentioned in Recent Podcast

Your CEO Needs a New Title: How to Manage Company Culture

The Effectiveness of Equity Ownership

Operating an Open-Book Company in a Closed-Book World

How to Break Up With Your Company Intranet

4 Ways to Build a Business Culture of Continuous Improvement

Supercharge your Huddles: Employee Engagement that Works

How Being a Great Story-Teller Can Transform Your Company

Join us at the NCEO 2016 Employee Ownership Conference

The Fundamentals of Business and Open-book Management

Rewards That Will Strike Out With Your Team

The Efficiency MiniGame

23rd Annual Gathering of Games Award Nominees and Winners

The Power of Organizational Focus

Attending the Inc. 5000 Conference? Catch up with us in Orlando!

Top 14 Most Powerful Quotes From Gathering of Games 2015

Small Giants Summit | September 20-23, 2015

Using Education and Open-Book Management to Improve Your Cash Flow

Tips You Need to Know for Forecasting Cash Flow

How Often Should Your Team Huddle?

Business Action Guide Series…In Action!

Gathering of Games Tracks: Information on 4, 5 and 6

Blue Chip Drivers – How Can My Team Become Even More Effective?

Not Just Another Internal Meeting – 5 True Powers of the Daily Huddle

Numbers Are Universal, Not an Excuse!

Four Ways to Get More Bang for Your Lawyer Buck (how attorneys add value to your business)

Doing Well While Doing Good: The ESOP Exit

Four Ways to Reward Employees Beyond Cash

The Rockstar Company Valuation: What to Understand Before Selling Your Business

The Number One Open-Book Management Culture Killer: Lack of Trust

Gathering of Games Tracks: Information on 1, 2 and 3

The Must Have Elements of a MiniGame

Calm your Organization’s Monkey Mind

Recruit the Right Way: Use a Paper Bag

3 Workplace Recognition Opportunities You Might Be Overlooking

How to Get Started Tracking Your Business Metrics

Capture the Power of Your Employees Through High-Involvement Planning

The Arithmetic of Ownership Transition Planning

Making the Case for Facilitation Role Playing

Non-Monetary Ways to Effectively Motivate Your Team

Changing the Way We Change: Zingerman's Approach to Organizational Change

How a Manufacturer Is Using Open-Book Management to Reinvent Public School Education

How Great Entrepreneurs Exit Their Companies on Top

Top 5 Reasons to Attend the Gathering of Games Conference

Financially Literate Employees Means Stronger Financial Plans

Beyond the Books: 3 Ways Open-Book Management Helps Your Employees in Their Personal Life

Preparing Your Business for Engaged Employees at All Levels From Front-Line to Director

Attending the 2015 NCEO Employee Ownership Conference? Catch up with us in Denver!

Think Outside the Top Line: How Open-Book Management Helps Employees Understand the Bottom Line

How Well Do You Know Your Business? Take This Quiz

Family-Owned Firm Sees Increase in Trust & Engagement with Financial Literacy Training

Commercial Nursery Increases Profitability with The Great Game of Business

Open-Book Management Helps Telecommunications Company Survive Tough Industry Merger

Government, Higher Education & Non-Profit Organizations Embrace Open-Book Management

Manufacturer Uses Transparency as Competitive Edge

Power Plant Employees Control Costs & Impact Bottom Line

Catering Company Survives Tough Times by Teaching Employees to Think Like Owners

Is your Bonus Program Sabotaging the Health of your Business?

Family-Owned Manufacturer Improves Gross Margin with The Great Game of Business

Financial Literacy Training Helps Agriculture Equipment Distributor Drive Out Entitlement

5 Ingredients to Spice up your Huddles

3M Distributor Increases Sales when Former Teacher Takes Over & Opens the Books

An Auto Repair Shop Leverages Open-Book Management to Beat Industry Profit Margins

Australian Accounting Firm Increases Productivity & Engagement Using Open-Book Management

Meet us in Vegas for the 2014 ESOP Conference

A Stake in the Outcome®: Should You Consider an ESOP?

Aircraft Repair Company Uses Financial Forecasting to Avoid Pay Cuts

Building Customer Connections by Opening the Books: A Conversation with Tim Kerrigan

Playing The Game as Employee Owners: A Conversation with Rick Rose

How to get Even Better Results from Your Team

Why Engaging Frontline Employees Pays Off: A Conversation with John Williams

5 Questions that will Help with Ownership Transition Planning

How to Involve Everyone in Running the Business by the Numbers

5 Questions Engaged Employees Need Answered

Why Open the Books if No One Can Read?

5 Simple Extras to Make Your Huddle a Huge Success

The Annual Gathering of Games - Featured Track Details

Social Media & Transparency – Being in the Right Place at the Right Time

The Annual Gathering of Games - Methodology Track Details

An Exploration in Accountability

How Game Shows can Teach Financial Literacy for You

Use your Open-Book Culture to Attract, Acquire & Retain Top Talent

Gathering of Games: Pre-Conference Session Details

Gathering of Games 2014 "Doubters Contest"

Meet the 2014 Rookie of the Year Finalists

Meet the 2014 All-Star Award Finalists

5 Illuminating Lessons on Transparency

New Research Sheds Light on Effective GGOB Techniques

Why you Should Watch COGS for Profit Improvement

10 Key Takeaways from Open-Book Companies: An Academic's Perspective

10 People you Should Meet at the 2014 Employee Ownership Conference

Why The Great Game of Business Goes "Light Years" Beyond Basic Open-Book Management

What are the 'All-Star Awards'...and How Does Our Company Get One?

Part 5: The Coolest Employee Engagement Infographics Around

Meet Great Game Hall of Fame Company: Meadows Regional Medical Center

Part 4: The Coolest Employee Engagement Infographics Around

Part 3: The Coolest Employee Engagement Infographics Around

Meet Great Game All-Star: Agape Construction

What Makes "Fortune's 100 Best Companies to Work For" so Great?

GGOB Practitioner Hits #15 on Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For List

Meet Great Game All-Star: Clarke EyeCare Center

Part 2: The Coolest Employee Engagement Infographics Around

A Demographic Profile of Open-Book Management Firms

Meet Great Game All-Star: Woodward Printing

The Coolest Employee Engagement Infographics Around: Part 1

Meet GGOB Rookie of the Year: Paul Mueller Company

Jack Stack Shares the Unexpected Benefits of Open-Book Management

Value...Not Price

The Extraordinary Action Necessary to Build Great Teams

The Great Game of Government: Playing without Bonuses or Equity

Living with an ESOP - What's it Like?

What are you Doing Now that's Extraordinary?

Using Open-Book Lean to Bring About Everyday Change

The Truth About Fables

As a Leader, Everything We Do Sets an Example

Increasing Employee Engagement to Achieve a Successful, Sustainable Organization

Creating a Culture of Character & Competence

Disciplined Forward Forecasting

Winning Strategies for Financial Literacy Training

7 Tips for Training New Hires

4 Danger Signs that Your Game is Getting Stale

4 Tips to Make Your Company-Wide Huddle a Success

Huddling 101: The Company-Wide Huddle

Huddling 101: The Management Huddle

Get your Huddle Communication in Check

Huddling 101: The Pre-Huddle

Make Staff Meetings More Effective: Stop Meeting, Start Huddling

A Stake in the Outcome®: How a Chocolatier Brought his Cocoa Farmers into the Game

Mistakes are Opportunities

Why the Heck Would Anyone Want to Buy a 20 Year Old Book?

How Open-Book Management Can Psychologically Effect Employees

5 Lessons to Learn from a Billionaire

4 Ways to Increase the Power of Open-Book Management

Myths about Business Transparency to Stop Believing NOW

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Your Most Important Document by Bill Collier

Can The Great Game of Business Help Voters?

Ok, I Made A Profit. Now What?

Q4 Business Challenge: Planning for the Future.

Do Financial Incentives Really Engage Employees?

What's the BIG idea? Contest - Winning Entries

The Bottom Line that Patagonia Missed.

Be a Sleuth. Find the Waste

Five Reasons NOT to Attend the SRC Experience: Resolved

What is Great Leadership?

Thoughts from The Gathering of Games

Talking About Values is Good Business

What are we Waiting For?

Join Us at The Gathering of Games Conference: It's Our 20th Anniversary

What is your Value Proposition?

Got a Trust Problem? Open the Books

The Challenge of Handling a Moving Target

Transparency and Leadership: Avoid Emily Litella Syndrome

Timing: It will Drive you Crazy

Is the American Dream About to Die?

What's Your Number?

Jack Stack Uncut: Why I'm Blogging Again

Do A Leadership Checkup

Down with the Entitlement Mentality

Building a Culture of Ownership: Unleash the Entrepreneur

7 Business Resolutions for Your Best Year Ever by Bill Collier

Find Your Why in Business

Top 6 Great Game No-Nos

Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way

How Open-Book Management Can Empower Employees: An All-Star's Perspective

It's the Spread - by Bill Collier

Practitioner View; Open Book Management: A Powerful Business Performance Tool

Practitioner Responds to NYT Blog

My 2011 Gathering of Games Top 10

Could You Use a Win? 

Are "They" Hurting Your Business? A Discussion About Employee Accountability

Thank God for Entrepreneurs

Are you playing The Game to your full potential?

Open Book Success - by Bill Collier

It's Simple, It's Just Not Easy...

Q & A: Shining Up Your Crystal Ball

4 Tips for Fine-Tuning Your Bonus Plan

“It’s not my fault!” A Poisonous Employee Mentality

Are you Afraid of Open-Book Management?

Should You Do It Yourself? - by Bill Collier

Serious about Forward Forecasting

About The Great Game of Business

Our approach to running a company was developed to help close one of the biggest gaps in business: the gap between managers and employees. We call our open-book approach The Great Game of Business. What lies at the heart of The Game is a very simple proposition: The best, most efficient, most profitable way to operate a business is to give everybody in the company a voice in saying how the company is run and a stake in the outcome. Let us teach you how to develop a culture of ownership, where employees think, act and feel like owners.