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Sustaining The Game: 6 Tips for Energizing Current Staff & Onboarding with GGOB

Jan 10, 2020 by Lauren Haley 0 Comments


If you have implemented The Great Game of Business® and are making progress in your company, you might be wondering what the next step is. How do you sustain The Game and keep your team engaged in the long-run? Here are some tips and tools to keep your current staff energized, and bring new employees up to speed on your Great Game™ culture and practices:

1. Use Visuals and Video 

Visuals, charts, and videos are a great way to introduce your new staff to the concepts of GGOB. The Great Game of Business - Explained is a short video giving an overview of what it means to work for a Great Game company. Consider making your own video highlighting the specific practices and values of your organization. 


2. The Buddy Program 

Partner new staff with seasoned members of the team that are familiar with Great Game methodology. This provides a point person for the new employee for questions and support, all while challenging current employees to be up-to-speed and knowledgeable about the business, financials, and GGOB practices. 

3. Have Team Members Personally Dive into the 10 Steps of Implementation 

A great starting place for new hires, or even a refresher for long-term employees, is going back to the basics of the Great Game of Business: the 10 Steps of Implementation:

Step 1: Begin with the Right Leadership

Step 2: Share the Why Before the How

Step 3:  Open the Books

Step 4:  Focus on the Critical Number™

Step 5: Act on the Right Drivers

Step 6: Create an Early Win with MiniGames™

Step 7: Provide a Stake in the Outcome™

Step 8: Keep Score

Step 9: Follow the Action

Step 10: Apply High-Involvement Planning™

Give employees a detailed look into these ten steps by sending staff, new and old, to the Discover the Game virtual workshop. This two-day training provides an in-depth view of open-book management and how to effectively play The Game in your company. 

Additionally, the Get in the Game book was designed with a focus on implementation. It's the step-by-step approach we use every day to implement and sustain The Great Game of Business inside organizations all over the world and in every industry. Read or listen to the book, and access more than a dozen tools and templates to help your team play The Game at a high level. 

4. Create a Culture Committee

Create a committee focused on sustaining the culture and keeping the company accountable for their Game. For example, SRC Holdings Corporation has an Ownership Culture Committee consisting of employees in all the corporation's divisions. These team members are tasked with helping to spread an attitude of ownership and Great Game practices throughout their unit, especially among their new employees.

5. Attack Your Gaps 

Are there any areas of your Game that are struggling? What are your weaknesses? Consider applying training in topics like MiniGames™, Financial Literacy, Huddle Training, High-Involvement Planning™, or a GGOB overview to boost results and your team's understanding of the topic. We can customize an on-site training facilitated by an expert trainer to meet your exact needs: time frame, deliverables, number of attendees, etc.
You can also receive advice from an expert in your field with a The Great Game of Business Certified Coach®. What better way to learn than from a professional who has successfully implemented The Game in your industry? You can see if a coach is what you're looking for in a complimentary, no-obligation call with one of our coaches.

6. Learn From Those Who Have Done It Before

One of our greatest strengths is the GGOB community. Hundreds of open-book practitioners attend our Gathering of Games conference every year to tap into this community, help introduce new employees to Great Game or re‐energize current employees with new ideas, and connect with like-minded business leaders. Here, companies have the opportunity to learn innovative best-practices and mistakes to avoid from those who have successfully implemented.
The Great Game of Business takes effort and accountability to sustain over the years—The success of your Game depends on what YOU invest in it. Consider these tools and don't hesitate to reach out to the GGOB team for help or additional resources. 

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Written by Lauren Haley
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