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Our 10-Step Approach to GGOB Implementation

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In more than 35 years practicing The Great Game of Business® at SRC, as well as three decades helping thousands of companies implement The Game in their own companies, we have determined the fastest, most efficient and most reliable path to Rapid Financial Results and Lasting Cultural Change™ follows a set process.  We honed and developed the 10-Step Approach to GGOB Implementation to guide companies implementing The Great Game of Business in their organizations. 

10 Steps of Implementation  (1)

10-Steps of Implementation

Step 1: Begin with the Right Leadership

  • Learn the key leadership qualities that will make or break your efforts in implementing The Game.

 Step 2: Share the Why Before the How

  • Discover useful approaches to building awareness and commitment to The Game and most importantly, a desire to actively participate in the process.

Step 3:  Open the Books

  • Understand how financial transparency early on in the process is important to building trust and mutual respect throughout the company.
  • Discover ways to clearly communicate financial information for maximum impact and broad participation.
  • Learn best practices in financial training, including case examples and innovative approaches to teaching employees the numbers.

Step 4:  Focus on the Critical Number™

  • Uncover a well-proven process for defining your Critical Number including company examples and helpful planning tools.

Step 5: Act on the Right Drivers

  • Learn a concrete process and discover supportive tools to help people develop a clear line-of-sight from what they do every day to their impact on the Critical Number and bottom-line financial results.

Step 6: Create an Early Win with MiniGames™

  • Discover how to create early wins and put people on a winning track. Our coaches will introduce the process of designing a MiniGame and demonstrate how creating small wins can add up to big wins.

Step 7: Provide a Stake in the Outcome™

  • Find out what successful practitioners have recognized as the most important design and implementation rules behind winning bonus plans and recognition efforts.

Step 8: Keep Score

  • Learn how to build compelling, relevant, and highly-visible scoreboards that promote immediate, consistent feedback and accountability.
  • Explore ways to cascade scorecards throughout the company, so that everyone knows in real-time how their decisions and actions are impacting financial results.

Step 9: Follow the Action

  • Discover important steps in the development of the Huddle rhythm, including specific agendas, clear scheduling, and team building.
  • Take part in a Huddle Simulation to experience the education, focus, alignment, sense of urgency, and accountability that only a Great Game Huddle can create.

 Step 10: Apply High-Involvement Planning™

  • Learn the strategic, financial and business planning process that offers a reality-based, repetitive approach to setting your strategy, building your plan, dealing with market changes, and enabling everyone to contribute.
  • Dive into the High-Involvement Planning and 360˚ business appraisal process that helps companies define The Game by getting everybody together to take stock in the situation, target specific improvements and commit to The Game.

What's the Next Step for You?

Our new book, Get in the Game: How to Create Rapid Financial Results and Lasting Cultural Change,was designed with a focus on this implementation. The how-to. The cookbook. The step-by-step approach we use every day to implement and sustain the Great Game of Business inside organizations all over the world and in every industry.

We designed this book to teach you the principles and practices of the operating system to “get you in The Game” quickly, take you on a deeper dive to make it stick, and, finally, to start you on the journey of High-Involvement Planning™ that will help you transform not only your business, but your people.

Order your copy of Get in the Game

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Our approach to running a company was developed to help close one of the biggest gaps in business: the gap between managers and employees. We call our open-book approach The Great Game of Business. What lies at the heart of The Game is a very simple proposition: The best, most efficient, most profitable way to operate a business is to give everybody in the company a voice in saying how the company is run and a stake in the outcome. Let us teach you how to develop a culture of ownership, where employees think, act and feel like owners.