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How a 70-Year-Old Business Keeps Their Culture and Traditions Alive While Growing Their Company

how a 70-year-old business keeps their culture and traditions alive while growing their company blog-

At the 26th Annual Gathering of Games, we had the opportunity to host Gregg Stebben from ForbesBooks Radio as he interviewed participants from this year's conference. In this interview he highlights Kiolbassa Smoked Meats, a Texas company that has passed down traditional techniques three generations to current President, Michael Kiolbassa. Check out his interview below!


Sneak Peek: What's Included in this Podcast

  • The Kiolbassa brand and traditions passed down three generations to the current President, Michael Kiolbassa. 
  • How they produce their smoked meats differently- techniques used since the company was established in 1949.
  • Using workplace culture to scale the company without changing the traditional process and products Kiolbassa is famous for. 
  • Growth from a regional Texas company with 25 employees to a 300-employee company reaching all 50 States.
  • The company was growing but the bottom line could not keep up. How Michael shifted the business and his leadership to successfully scale the business. 
  • The future of Kiolbassa and the possibilities of transitioning to an ESOP company. 

Learn more about the company and their Great Game

Journey in Kiolbassa Smoked Meats' All-Star Case Study


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