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Amy’s Ice Creams: “...The Best Job People Ever Had”

Amys ice creams ...The best job people ever had blog

At the 26th Annual Gathering of Games, we had the opportunity to host Gregg Stebben from ForbesBooks Radio as he interviewed participants from this year's conference. In this interview, he highlights Amy's Ice Creams. Check out his interview with the Founder and President, Amy Simmons, to find out how this Texas company helps develop and educate employees for their future careers and personal lives.


Sneak Peek: What's Included in this Podcast:

  • Why ice cream? The uniqueness of the ice cream industry, from tragedy to celebration. 
  • The growth of Amy's Ice Creams to a $10 million company, and why this number is not Amy's main focus.
  • The lasting impact and influence her companies have on every employee. "The goal is to be the best job people ever had."
  • The most surprising thing Amy has learned from being in the ice cream business.
  • Amy's other businesses including a bakery, burger and pizza shop, in addition to a real estate business focused on promoting and supporting local shops.
  • The formation of Amy's EDU through outstanding culture and the Great Game; helping other companies with best practices.
  • How Amy's began their GGOB journey 12 years ago and has evolved to an All-Star company and sponsor. 
  • How the Great Game has enhanced every employee and the contribution GGOB has made in the organization.
  • MBAmy's providing employees with hirable skill sets and making better, more prepared employees for the rest of their careers.


You won't want to miss us in Dallas in 2019. Check out the 27th Annual Gathering of Games to learn more about the world's largest open-book conference next September. 

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