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VP Steve Baker Sits Down at INC 5000 for an In-Depth Interview by Approyo

This Fall our VP, Steve Baker, attended the INC 5000 Conference & Gala in San Antonio, TX to connect and celebrate with business leaders from all over the country! Here is his interview hosted by Approyo while at the conference!

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Press Play: The Great Game Mentioned in Recent Podcast

We're so pleased to hear about how OBM and The Great Game of Business has inspired yet another company's growth in this podcast by Hubstaff Blog.

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Your CEO Needs a New Title: How to Manage Company Culture

No doubt your company’s top executive has “CEO” written on his or her business card. But should it? If our title really reflects the role we play in the company, then the CEO’s title should instead read Chief Culture Officer.

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10 Easy Ways to Express Appreciation to Almost Anyone

Individuals in the workplace need to feel appreciated in order to enjoy their job, do their best work, have positive work relationships and stay with their organization long-term. The key ingredient in meaningful, significant, effective appreciation is individualization—expressing appreciation in the recipient’s preferred “language”. Varying the ways you communicate appreciation will improve your chances of hitting the mark!

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The Effectiveness of Equity Ownership

We all know the fundamental building blocks of the Great Game:

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Operating an Open-Book Company in a Closed-Book World

 Our company operates in the outsourced contact centre sector. We tend to have relatively few, big corporate clients with large transaction volumes and long term contracts. This means we have quite high levels of single client dependency so we are always trying to make sure we are delivering great services and anticipating our clients requirements so we can satisfy or exceed them. We do a pretty good job generally judging by our client growth and retention rates.

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How to Break Up With Your Company Intranet

Breaking up is hard to do. But when it’s in the best interest of both parties, it makes parting a little easier. Staying current with your organization’s technology not only makes it easier to access important information, but also keeps your employees engaged through the devices they trust and use most.

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Developing a Business Culture of Continuous Improvement

In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, companies are always looking for ways to stay ahead and build a business culture that doesn't lag behind. Continuous improvement programs that involve tapping ideas from employees at all levels, holding each other accountable, and rewarding success through smart gainsharing programs are key for some leading U.S. firms. Here are some tips for how to develop a culture of continuous improvement and accountability:

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DIY Strategies for Implementing Open-Book Management

Making the decision to implement The Great Game of Business (GGOB) is a big one. If you’ve been a follower of open-book management for a while, you know the benefits of getting started.

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Supercharge your Huddles: Employee Engagement that Works

Imagine your team walking into the weekly huddle to find themselves as a contestant on Jeopardy competing for real cash prizes!  How about feeling like they just walked onto the set of one of the most popular current reality shows.  Or what if your staff meeting was a spoofed, miniature production of the Tonight Show?  These are just a few of endless ideas to add a little spice when needing to reignite what may have become the “dreaded mandatory weekly meeting.”  It is also a great way to honor those special employees in a most memorable way.

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