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Huddling 101: The Management Huddle

Huddling 101 the management huddleRecently, we discussed the basics of the Pre-Huddle, the first step in the Great Game Huddle Cycle. Of course, in any process, there is an inevitable second step (and in this case a third, which we’ll discuss soon).

The second step of the Huddle Cycle is the Management Huddle. This meeting takes place after company Pre-Huddles and provides a structure for information to be communicated through the company in a bottom-up fashion (as opposed to traditional management systems which filter information from management to employees).

The Management Huddle addresses the challenges and opportunities that each department is facing, or will face in the near future. Teams who communicate information across various departments are less likely to encounter surprises, are better problem-solvers and are more successful at adapting to change.

The Basics Huddles_Management_Huddle

The format for the Management Huddle closely mirrors the structure of the Pre-Huddle:

  • Evaluate the game conditions: Discuss the updates from individual departments.
  • Check the score: Review each department’s Critical Number; discuss any positive or negative variance from plan.
  • Plan the next play: Address any changes that need to be made in order to correct weaknesses or pursue opportunities.

The information gathered during the Management Huddle will prepare the management team for the third and final workplace huddle of the Huddle Cycle: The Big Huddle.


If you’d like help envisioning the structure of a Management Huddle, watch this video of SRC Electrical’s Management Huddle.




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