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Taking The Fear Out of The Workplace



Maintaining an open-book culture and keeping communication channels open allows your entire workforce to stay informed on the constant changes of the business and how they can best impact the company from day-to-day. It also takes the fear out of the organization when there are rumors about the company's performance.

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90 Day Cash Plan Resource Guide



If you want to survive and grow in business, you need to maintain a positive cash flow. Use our resource guide to learn how to positively influence your cash flow.

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Surviving & Thriving In Times of Crisis



10 Key Steps To Lead Your Business To Success

SRC has relied on these 10 steps not just to survive, but also thrive through four economic recessions. And the tough times we’re weathering today will be no different. The Great Game of Business was designed and built to help companies succeed during challenging times. This guide is designed to instruct or remind you of the importance of sticking to the 10-step process.

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Cash Calculator and Scoreboard



These Excel documents are designed to help you determine your cash position. Cash is a complicated matter and we want to set you up for success. Included is a cash scoreboard, cash calculator, and a 90 day cash plan.
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What is Cash Flow?

Cash flow is the movement of money in and out of a company.

Why Cash Flow Is Important

  • Cash is the lifeblood of any business. Without cash, it's game over. 
  • Cash flow trends can be the ultimate measure and indicator of success and/or failure of the company performance.
  • The amount of cash a company has on hand can be the single factor that determines if a company will survive a recession. Cash reserves are always a good idea to ensure an economic hit won't cause irreparable damage to your company. 
  • Knowing how much cash the company has on hand at any given time allows for better decision-making.

Types of Cash Flow

These are all sources and uses of cash in a business. 

  • Cash Flows From Financing — Financing activities are events that generally involve changes in debt or the raising of capital.
  • Cash Flows From Investing — Investing activities are generally using cash in the purchase of assets for the business. Examples would be equipment, buildings, land and short-term marketable securities.
  • Cash Flows From Operating — Operating activities are events that are the core business operations. This includes cash generated from the products or services provided, accounts receivable, accounts payable, depreciation and inventory.

    All of the above uses of cash are recorded in what is called a cash flow statement. A cash flow statement lists the financial transactions of a company over time.

Forecasting Cash Flow

Cash flow forecasting is the process of estimating the inflows and outflows of cash within an organization over a period of time. By forecasting cash a company can avoid any unforeseen urgent cash need surprises. Start forecasting your cash flow with our cash tools.

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