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Should I Hire a Business Coach? 5 Reasons to Consider

Should I Hire a Business Coach 5 Reasons to Consider

If you’re wondering whether or not you should hire a business coach, it depends on what stage you’re in when it comes to implementing The Great Game of Business methodology and what you’re looking to achieve.

First, let’s clarify…

What is a Great Game of Business Coach?

Unlike traditional business coaches who show you how to better run your business, a GGOB coach shows you how to integrate the Great Game™ methodology into your organization for the purpose of educating, empowering, and engaging employees (ultimately generating a profitable company as a result).


Remind Me Again: What’s the Great Game™?

At its core, the Great Game philosophy centers on getting your employees to think, act, and feel like business owners. Those are actually the three principles our methodology is built on.

Process Circles (1)

Educate (Think): Educate your employees about the business so they can think like an owner.

Empower (Act): Empower employees to make better decisions so they can act like an owner.

Engage (Feel): Engage employees by providing them a Stake in the Outcome® (bonus/incentives) so they feel like an owner.

Imagine how much more your organization could accomplish if everyone held the same level of knowledge, passion, and accountability as the CEO. That would be pretty powerful, right?



It's Okay To Make The Game Your Own

This isn’t a rigid framework. Many service-based companies are concerned that The Great Game of Business can ONLY work for manufacturing companies, when in fact, we've helped companies in just about every industry - even government!

Although we have a 10-step framework, we encourage companies to ADAPT rather than ADOPT The Game. Organizations often find great success in tweaking elements of our framework to best fit their organization. The 10-step process is only there to help organizations implement The Great Game of Business with ease – to serve as a guide.


Coachs Tip Chat Bubble (1) How to adapt The Game in a service company



Many elements of our methodology are actually pretty intuitive. In fact, you might already be playing The Game to some degree and not even know it. If your organization is doing anything to empower, engage, and educate employees about company finances or operations, you’re hitting all the right marks!

Here’s the catch: If you’re interested in taking your company to the next level, hiring a business coach with a background in your industry can help.

Should I Hire a Business Coach?: Key Benefits

● Expert Guidance and Advice

● Improved Decision-Making

● Resource Connections

● Accountability or Motivation



When should you hire a business coach? If and when you’re dealing with the following issues.

1. New to GGOBs Business Philosophy

If you’re new to The Great Game of Business, it can be difficult to conceptualize how to put the core principles into practice.

A business coach will save you time and effort by helping you craft a realistic, implementable action plan to incorporate The Great Game of Business into your company.

2. You’re Struggling with Clarity

Maybe you’ve already been implementing certain employee-first principles into your business management practice. Whether it’s educating, empowering, or engaging employees, most people who are interested in our services come by it naturally.

However, If you’re unsure what the next step is or how to involve your entire organization in The Game, a coach will give you a clear blueprint on how to promote buy-in among all of your employees.

3. Missing Key Parts of GGOB’s Business Foundation

You’ve read books, examined case studies, looked at videos, and asked others how they do it. But something’s missing.

A Great Game coach can take a fine-tooth comb over your business’s situation and identify what’s missing or any variables that might be holding you back.

4. Motivation or Accountability

The biggest blocks are often internal ones, psychological or mental hurdles.

Working with a coach who is specialized in helping people overcome these issues, as well as uniquely experienced in your industry, can be exactly what you need to overcome those hurdles.

Like most business owners, there’s a lot on your plate. The mountainous pile waiting on your desk can seem daunting. Having someone to keep you and your team accountable for implementing Great Game principles will help you reach your goals faster than you thought possible. In fact, a level 1 coaching implementation only takes 3-4 months!

5. Can’t Seem to Get Employees on Board

If your employees or management team have a difficult time conceptualizing how to shift the business towards operating on a Great Game framework, a business coach can provide sensible steps for gradual acclimation.

Schedule Personalized Business Coaching Today

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