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35 Real Employees Share How GGOB Has Impacted Their Lives

35 real employees share how ggob has impacted their lives blog

At the Great Game of Business, results go beyond the financial numbers. Behind the numbers are stories and real individuals. We've asked actual, current employees from our 2018 All-Star companies what they had to say about how the Great Game has affected them personally. See the top comments below!


How Has the Great Game of Business Affected You Personally?

  1. It has given me the confidence to speak up and participate because I know that I will be heard.
  2. I came to this company after finding out I no longer had a job due to my company closing their doors. I had a job a Friday, and by Saturday, it was gone. Being able to see where we are and where we are headed makes me feel secure in my job. I have no fear of suddenly not having a job. If we are struggling, I am aware of it and I know what I can do to help. 
  3. I feel like I have personally grown and learned more since working here than any other company, and probably college as well. This has been such a game changer for me to fully understand every aspect of our company. We all truly have ownership in everything our company does and in our success. I make business decisions here completely different than I ever have before because I understand the impact.
  4. It has given me an opportunity to learn more about owning my own business in the future.
  5. I've learned how to manage money and how to express my opinions with a group of people of all different ages.as3 anodyne
  6. I feel I am more involved in the company's planning and goals than ever before. My forecasting is expected to be accurate and I am accountable. It is good to have this level of responsibility, accountability and trust. Working in a company that treats each individual as a competent, important piece of the machine is rewarding and gratifying. Our business is truly an amazing company, I've never encountered a company like this.
  7. It has given me the scaffolding I needed to turn my creative brain into a math brain and rise up in the company as an effective leader.
  8. It's given me a good idea of how working should be, and it's enjoyable.
  9. I love being able to see the work that I put into the company. I probably couldn't work at a place that didn't do that now.
  10. I am constantly speaking my mind and giving new ideas for improvement or success. I am no longer intimidated to speak with upper management.
  11. At this point it would be hard to work at a business that hasn't implemented some type of GGOB scheme. I cringe when I hear of severe financial waste and carelessness in the companies my friends and family work at.
  12. It's pushed me out of the comfort zone of my desk and into a level of ownership across the entire company. I'm much more engaged with the entire staff on a daily basis.GregMaint
  13. I have started to use the practice with our household budget and have monthly discussions/planning around our financial situation with my wife. Even to the point that we have MiniGames around trying to lower certain fixed and variable line items that we can manipulate through couponing, being resourceful, etc. just like we do at the office! I get her input and it has increased our level of communication in all aspects of our life. 
  14. The Great Game has made me feel like I'm part of the company and that I'm not just an employee number. It's made me have a voice that allows me to express my concerns as well as my thoughts on how to achieve the Critical Number. It has allowed me to interact with all levels of the company and not just my department.
  15. It helps me to grow and feel like I am wanted and needed.
  16. I have been with my company for 11 years and, in the year we have included the Great Game of Business into our company, I have seen more company growth, more inter-departmental development and cooperation and more personal growth than in the previous 10 years. Very excited about our future!
  17. I have a better understanding of how the company runs and how we all affect how it can grow and prosper based on our commitment to the company.
  18. It has made me realize there is a big difference between someone that is just at work for a paycheck and someone truly invested in a company. In this environment with GGOB, those who live for payday usually quit when confronted with the “extra work” of acting as an owner instead of seeing the benefit. For the most part, the employees who stick around are all winners.
  19. I have more confidence in myself. My company has given me the opportunity to grow and develop skills I didn't know I had.International Chalk Talk
  20. It has opened up communication across all lines in the company. I love seeing how everyone feels that what they do is important!
  21. I enjoy watching the reaction to both good and bad news during the Huddles. I believe people are more engaged with making the company more profitable and a better place to work.
  22. I get clear targets, clear action lanes, and clear support. 
  23. I've learned more about how companies work and how to work more efficiently and as a team. I feel like my job and position in the company is more involved and important under open-book management.
  24. It has helped me gain a better understanding of what is going on to the point that I can see where I am making a difference. It gives my contribution an amount so I can judge my performance accurately.
  25. I finally have a savings account that offers me and my family comfort and peace of mind!
  26. It has given me a better understanding of our company and workforce. It empowers and motivates me to perform at a high standard on a daily basis.
  27. I've learned to set personal goals and to celebrate small wins. It has made me a happier person overall!22 - Huddle - 5
  28. I truly love GGOB and, for me, it is one of the highlights of working for my company, that and it being employee-owned!! I am very thankful to be a part of this team and for having the opportunity to learn and grow under people who are so accomplished and have integrity.
  29. It has made me act like a true team player.
  30. It has allowed me to understand the value of each person and the importance of teamwork.
  31. It increases my confidence in the future of the company and this makes me feel more positive about my personal future safety and income.It has taught me that by having a goal and tracking that goal, that all things are possible.
  32. I have been more interested in our bottom line now that I know how each dollar I can save affects our company.
  33. We now have a profit share system. My bonuses increased by $800 over the year.
  34. It has challenged me to think deeper on how my actions change company financial performance. It helps me determine what projects/actions make sense for the company. 
  35. It has given me the understanding of our financials and makes me feel like I have a part in what happens with them. My performance and goals have an effect on what we do as a company.


Interested in learning more about the best-of-the-best in open-book management? Check out our 2018 All-Star Case Studies to see results, challenges, MiniGame examples and more from our All-Star companies this year. 


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