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The #1 Piece of Advice for Companies Considering Great Game®

The #1 piece of advice for companies considering great game blog

You may be wondering if the Great Game of Business is what your company is looking for. We've asked our All-Stars what their most crucial advice is for companies considering implementing the Great Game of Business. Here is what you need to know from the best of the best in open-book management if you're looking into implementing the Great Game. 

 jenner ag   Jenner Ag

It all starts at the top. The companies who are most successful at game-play have a leader (owner, president, CEO) who is passionately committed to playing The Game well, and having it make a difference not only for people’s lives at work but also outside of work. People at all levels of Jenner Ag feel and see our CEO’s commitment as he speaks in Huddles, company meetings and in MiniGames. They see his commitment as he’s frequently involved in all aspects of game-play and has always pushed for more literacy and total transparency. It’s not being afraid to be silly with a MiniGame, but serious when it comes to following the action and keeping score.

guy   Guy Engineering

Have fun with it. If you aren’t having fun then you aren’t doing it right. People should enjoy getting involved and creating an environment where you celebrate the wins and support each other to improve and excel.

peterson   Peterson Trucks

I would ask the leader: Do you believe in your people? Do you trust them? Can you accept feedback from your employees on getting better? Are you willing to commit yourself?  If the answer is yes, GGOB will change your life, the lives of your employees and the direction of your company. 

Copy of practice velocity higher res  Practice Velocity

We would suggest that they work directly with the staff at GGOB's headquarters to get as much training as possible before beginning open-book management. If the principles are followed,  there is no doubt your company stands to make money! From the time PV implemented GGOB,  our net income has grown over 20%. Having coaches early on was worth every penny we invested in preparing of the launch of GGOB.

amyhdlogo  Amy's Ice Creams

It feels uncomfortable giving out that much financial data and leaning on your team for success, but radical transparency leads to unparalleled results. Trust in the process. It is simple, but the work is hard. Financially the results are worth it; culturally the impact will astound you.

willoway   Willoway Nurseries

Jump in with both feet and immerse your team in GGOB. Get up to speed as quick as possible. By moving forward quickly, you will experience quicker results, thus keeping your team engaged in the process. Jack's 10th rule of business is applicable here: "Change begins at the top, or as we say in Missouri, shit rolls downhill." If management isn't totally behind the change and engaged in the process, making it a priority will never happen. 

Intrustlogo 2018   Intrust IT 

Make sure you provide the proper education up-front for financial literacy. If you don’t educate your employees about what the numbers mean, then you will just create confusion. 

Victory Mission Logo Victory Mission

Victory Mission + Ministry would say the process will seem slow initially, but the results are worth the effort. We would encourage all key people to attend the training and definitely observe Huddles being done in their community if possible. Read the book and make it available to staff of all levels.

Anodyne logo   Anodyne Surgical

Keep it simple, but know what you’re doing.  Thoughtful selection of your Critical Number™ is essential.  Flowing the CNs down to actionable performance goals can be challenging, but if you get it right, employees will be even more engaged because they believe what they are doing does make a difference in helping the company to succeed.  It’s essential to do all-hands training in the Why and What of your GGOB plan.  Expect disappointments and setbacks and BE READY to take corrective action.  Some employees will never get it and won’t embrace the change.  Sooner or later, they will either see the light or leave.



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