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Kiolbassa Uses Core Values to Celebrate First Quarter Bonuses

 kielbasa uses core values to celebrate first quarter bonuses blog


Kiolbassa Smoked Meats, 2014 Great Game Rookie of the Year and subsequent All-Star Finalist, celebrated achieving their first quarter employee bonus in a unique way.  Instead of shaking hands and handing out bonus checks, President Michael Kiolbassa decided to send videos to the entire team during "Bonus Week" to show his appreciation for their hard work.  In addition, Mike wanted to emphasize the company’s core values and how he saw those values in action as an instrumental factor to hitting the bonus.


Day One – Integrity

In this video, Mike highlights the core value of Integrity.  He mentions in this video that the Kiolbassa Team hit the Q1 bonus by doing things the right way – through quality and top-line customer service.


Day Two – Commitment

Here, Mike emphasizes the core value of commitment – do what you say you are going to do. Kiolbassa had several instances where this was demonstrated, including sticking to the plan they set forth last year despite hitting many obstacles.


Day Three – Team Work

Kiolbassa accentuates that without teamwork, this bonus goal could not be achieved.  Especially in an industry like food manufacturing, teamwork comes into play with the entire production team working as a unit for a mutually desired goal.


Day Four – Continuous Improvement

This was the most successful quarter in the company’s history, so stressing the team’s continuous improvement was a must for Kiolbassa. 


Day Five – Enriching the Lives of Others

In this last video, Mike highlights the company’s Mission Statement.  This video was also a reminder to why Kiolbassa team members show up to work every day: it is to enrich the lives of others through memorable eating experiences and by providing a safe and empowering workplace. 

Congratulations to the entire Kiolbassa team on a great year so far and best of luck finishing the year strong!


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