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How Great Game Changed Our Culture and Business

We were humbled and honored to be inducted into the Great Game of Business All-Star Hall of Fame. The Great Game of Business has changed the way we do business, but that is secondary to the sense of ownership, pride, and resilience that has come from playing The Game. Our team member’s reflections on how our work culture has changed say it best 

The Change in Culture 

The Great Game of Business has given people the ownership they WANT, and the rewards they deserve. The change in workplace culture has driven increased engagement and satisfaction in everyday work, leading to increased pride in our business and bringing our clients an even better experience. 

“Practicing the Great Game of Business has become an integral part of our culture, it’s part of our ‘religion’ at Anthony Wilder. Beyond accountability, it fosters a culture of trust and confidence with the company and the team.”

– Danielle Frye, Director of Marketing

“GGOB contributes to an overall sense of openness and commitment to one another as a team that works toward a common good and understanding of how our individual efforts combine for greater success.

– Mary Johnston, Sales & Marketing 

“Each person has a voice here at Anthony Wilder Design/Build, and when we are all working towards the same clear goal, that voice is a powerful voice.”

– John Clarke, Architect  


Learning for Life 

The enhanced understanding of finances and how they directly impact the bottom line has a far-reaching impact. We are able to take that knowledge and use it to enhance our personal lives with investments, as well as plan for the future with the mindset of business influencers and leaders  

“Open-book and the Great Game have allowed me to pursue private investments and a managed portfolio. Without the knowledge I have gained from playing the game I never would have imagined I could do those things.”

– Britt Cave, Carpenter and Head of Warranty 

“Being able to accurately forecast months in advance helps us to prepare for the upswings and downturns that occur in our industry.”

– Sean Mullin, Architect & Director of Design Department 

The knowledge I’ve gained with the financial training has helped improve my understanding of our business and allowed me to develop a greater sense of financial responsibility, which I apply to my everyday life.”

– Aldana Caceres, Production  

Thanks to Jack Stack and the Whole Great Game Team 

We are incredibly grateful to Jack and everyone at GGOB who have taught us the way and positioned us to make these changes to our organization and even navigate through a recession.

The best advice we can give to anyone thinking of moving to open-book management is don’t delay and find a mentor or coach who can help you navigate in the game. Learn from our experience and let us know how we can help.   

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