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26th Annual Gathering of Games All-Star Champions

FLIPBOOKGRAPHICEvery year at The Annual Gathering of Games, we recognize the "best of the best" in  open-book management with the All-Star Awards.  At the 26th Annual Gathering of Games, the GGOB community celebrated the 18th All-Star Team and announced this year's All-Star Champions.  Check out the flipbook to read case studies of each member of our Team, and join us in congratulating our 2018 All-Star Champions!


GGoB_TheGatheringWebsite05112018_AllStarsRookieoftheYear.jpgROOKIE OF THE YEAR

This award recognizes the companies that have been practicing open-book management and The Great Game of Business for less than two years, but have already achieved remarkable results.

Venturity Financial Partners


GGoB_TheGatheringWebsite05112018_AllStarsRookieoftheYear.jpgALL-STAR CHAMPIONS

The cornerstone of the All-Star Awards, the winners of the All-Star Achievement Award are the best of the best. They have been playing GGOB at a high level for two or more years, and as a result have seen impressive results in their financial performance and their company culture.

Amy's Ice Creams


GGoB_TheGatheringWebsite05112018_AllStarsRookieoftheYear.jpgHALL OF FAME 

The Hall of Fame honors organizations that have operated using the principles of The Great Game of Business for more than a decade with lasting, proven results and have demonstrated a willingness to spread the word on open-book management in order to help others succeed.
Daryl Flood, Inc.


GGoB_TheGatheringWebsite05112018_AllStarsRookieoftheYear.jpgSOCIAL SECTOR

This award honors a social sector organization - not-for-profit, education, government - playing the Great Game of Business at a high level... proving that The Game can be effective and impactful to all types of organizations.

The Victory Mission


GGoB_TheGatheringWebsite05112018_AllStarsRookieoftheYear.jpgThe People's Choice

For the first time, we gave the people a vote for who they thought was the best All-Star company in our People's Choice Poll. This award recognizes the Great Game community's favorite All-Star company this year.

Amy's Ice Creams



 View Our Entire All-Star Team Here



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