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What's the BIG idea? Contest - Winning Entries

Whats the big idea contest -  winning entries blogDuring our annual Happy Hour Socials, we have a "What's the BIG idea?" contest.  Here are the winning entries from the last three years:

2012 - DELIVERANCE FROM RECEIPTS - by Agape Construction
This is a mini-game to reward employees for reducing the number of trips they were making to Home Depot/Lowe's. This saves time for both the employees in the field and for accounting processing all those receipts, thus saving them a significant amount of money.

2011 - 6 MOST LIST - by Panoptic Wealth Advocates
Each day, write down the six most important things you need to do in order to have a productive day. This keeps you focused and on track to have a successful day.

2010 - WINS BOARD - by goBrandgo
Each employee gets a Post-it pad in a color just for them. During the weekly huddle, each employee writes three personal or professional "wins" on separate Post-it notes, they share them with the group, then post them on their "wins board". This create an incredible visual for everyone, including clients and visitors, to see plus it boosts morale.

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