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10 Easy Ways Leader Can Express Appreciation in the Workplace

Jul 3, 2019 by Donna Coppock 1 Comment

10 Easy Ways Leaders Can Express Appreciation

Individuals in the workplace need to feel appreciated in order to enjoy their job, do their best work, have positive work relationships and stay with their organization long-term. The key ingredient in meaningful, significant, and effective appreciation is individualization—expressing appreciation in the recipient’s preferred “language.” Varying the ways company leadership communicates appreciation will improve chances of hitting the mark, so we've compiled 10 easy ways your leaders can show appreciation to any associate:

1. Give a Verbal Compliment

A simple, verbal compliment can make your associates' work day. Say “thanks for . . .” or tell them, “I’m glad you are part of the team.” Be specific when showing recognition to encourage favorable behavior. 

2. Write an Email

“I just wanted to let you know, I appreciate that you." or “It is really helpful to me when you. . .” Send a quick email highlighting how an employee is contributing to the team and how it makes a difference. 

3. Stop By and See How Your Colleague is Doing

Spend a few minutes just chatting and checking in on them. Ask how they are doing in, and outside of their job. A little goes a long way when leaders show interest in their team members' well being.

4. Do Something Together

Spend time with your team by celebrating individuals' birthdays with a lunch gathering, or go to a local event as a reward for a team achievement or as a team-building event.

5. Do a Small Task for Someone Spontaneously

Hold open the door for a colleague or offer to help carry something.

6. See If They Need Any Help

Stop by an associate's work space and see if they need help getting something done.

7. Bring in a Treat

An easy way to show appreciation is to buy a small treat for a coworker. Surprise them with their favorite coffee, drink, snack, or dessert.

8. Show That You Care About Their Interests

Get them a magazine or share an article related to an area of interest they have—sports, hobbies, or a place they would like to visit.

9. Give Them a High-Five

Leaders can show their excitement and support by high-fiving colleagues when they have completed a task—especially one that has been challenging or they have been working for on a while.

10. Greet and Welcome Your Colleague

When your associates arrive to work, greet them with a smile or a handshake and give a warm welcome—something like “It’s good to see you!” or “How is your day going?”


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