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Is Your Team Ready for Open-Books? Take This Leadership Quiz

is your team ready or open-books take this leadership quiz blog

Over 1,000 business books are published every month. Over 100 of those have ‘leadership’ in the title. It seems that we are always looking for new ways to lead in an ever-changing world of business. But has true leadership in the workplace ever really changed?

Here’s another question to consider. Leadership in an open-book environment, how is it different?

Regardless of how you currently lead, going ‘open-book’ requires you to reflect on not only your style of leadership, but also how you will develop others as your organization grows. Check out the quiz below to gauge your leadership beliefs and better understand how GGOB might fit into your organization.


The Leadership Quiz - What are your beliefs?

True or False: People at all levels of the company have the ability and desire to learn the business, and actively contribute to its success.

True or False: By teaching people the business, I can begin to trust them to make better decisions.

True or False: I can teach people what I know about the business.

True or False: I don’t have all the answers to improving the business.

True or False: People should share in the wealth that they help create.

True or False: Being open and transparent with information creates benefits that far outweigh the drawbacks or risks.


Read the warning at the beginning of The Great Game of Business book:

The Great Game of Business isn’t for everyone.

If you are not prepared to learn, teach, share, and be involved, The Game will not work for you.  If you have something to hide or want to use the numbers and information to manipulate and control people, find another approach.  However, if you’re interested in improving results and the lives of the people who help you drive those results, then The Game is right for you.

The Great Game of Business is not a quick fix remedy. The leadership team must understand and embrace the reality that this is a continuous learning process that requires: 1) a sincere commitment from leadership, and 2) the right leadership approach.

It starts with a sincere belief in people and fostering mutual respect and trust. A great place to begin is to ask your leadership team how they would answer the questions above. 


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