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ForbesBooks Radio Interview: David Stern- Practice Velocity


forbesbooks radio interview David stern- practice velocity blog

At the 26th Annual Gathering of Games, we had the opportunity to host Gregg Stebben from ForbesBooks Radio as he interviewed participants from this year's conference. Check out his interview with David Stern below!



Dr. Stern is CEO of Practice Velocity, an Illinois company providing software solutions for more than 1,200 urgent care clinics in all 50 states. This software includes computer tablet-based diagnostic record systems, specialized billing systems, practice management software and a patented record template system.

Stern was not always in the software business. His career began in the medical field as a physician, where he discovered the need for this specialized software in the medical field and urgent care facilities.

 Stern worked in urgent cares for over 10 years in positions ranging from administration to ownership. His experience in conjunction with the development of digital medical records in 2002 showed Stern and his partners that there was a serious demand for better medical software. 

Today, Practice Velocity "powers positive patient experiences" by streamlining check-in and paperwork, removing wait time for the patient, providing staff with more accurate and efficient patient information and much more.

Practice Velocity has implemented the Great Game of Business over the past three years and seen tremendous results. "We've seen increases in productivity of over 1000%," said Stern. The goals of each employee are now what drives the company overall.


Listen to the full podcast below to find out how Practice Velocity uses GGOB practices to ensure all employees are responsible for setting company goals, employees understand their Critical Number™ and how they determine "what is the most important thing that my department and I can do to influence our goal"? 

More about David Stern

 Dr. Stern graduated magna cum laude from Houghton College; earned a medical degree from Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia; and completed a residency in internal medicine at the Pennsylvania State University Hospital. After his residency, he was appointed chief resident and an instructor of internal medicine.

Certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine, Dr. Stern has been listed three times in Castle-Connolly’s Best Physicians in America. He was given the Lifetime Membership Award from the Urgent Care Association of America.

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