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Part 1: The Coolest Employee Engagement Infographics Around

Part 1 the coolest employee engagement infographics around blogWhat is the most cost-effective incentive that is a proven driving force behind employee engagement? The answer is simple: recognition. Engaging employees is becoming increasingly more important to employers because engaged employees tend to be better workers and stay with a company longer. We've collected some great infographics that sum up the current research on employee engagement so you could have them all at your fingertips. Because each infographic is packed with useful information, we've made divided them up into a  five-part series to make them a bit more digestible.  Below, you'll find part one-of-five; we hope you find the information in the series both  helpful and enlightening.


What Makes Employees Happy

Key Takeaways
  • Time to start thinking about those Holiday Bonuses: Fifty-five percent of those surveyed said it would take just $25 to make their holiday brighter!
  • 65% of employees say they would work harder if they were being recognized at work.
  • 62% of employees say recognition is important to their job satisfaction level.



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