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My 2011 Gathering of Games Top 10

We've had almost a full three-weeks to unwind after the 19th Annual Gathering of Games. Everyone here at GGOB had a great time, but I thought I'd share my personal "Top Ten" from the 2011 Conference:

10) The awesome staff at The Hyatt. Special thanks to Deandre; with his help we managed to unload our truck in ONE load (the usual is 6+) and Sondra “The Iced Tea Queen”.

9) Our dinner at Caleco’s with the ladies of SRC and our special guests Linda from Telisimo and Tammy from Creative Roots.

8) The super-smooth Skype address from Verne Harnish; hooray for no technical mishaps

7) The debut of the “Unleash the Entrepreneur” manifesto video; so glad to share it with our community after all of the hard work from The Canopy Collective.

6) All of our fantastic keynote speakers; what a diverse bunch!

5) Smooth-sailing break-out sessions; only a couple little hiccups—some of those sessions were more popular than we had anticipated.

4) The All-Star Awards Ceremony. My highlight was Steve Baker coming to ask for more drink tickets every five-minutes (don’t worry, he was giving them away…I hope).

3) Yummy meals and snacks; I was assured it was all calorie-free.

2) Our awesome, fabulous & wonderful Practitioner Council; couldn’t ask for a better group of helpers, mentors and advocates.

1) The super-fantastic group of participants. Seriously, everyone was in such a good mood; we didn’t have to put one person in time-out!

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