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GGOB Practitioner Hits #15 on Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For List

All-Star winner Hilcorp Energy makes the list for the second year in a row.

ggob practitioner hits #15 on fortunes 100 best companies to work for listLast week, Fortune Magazine released their annual list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For; topping the list were Google, SAS and The Boston Consulting Group (see the full list here).

While each company on the list boasts a litany of employee benefits and company initiatives that are no-doubt admirable (see our take on “What Makes Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For So Great”); number 15 on the list, Hilcorp Energy Company holds a special place in the Great Game community.

If you’ve been to a Great Game event (such as The SRC Experience or The Annual Gathering of Games Conference) in the past few years, you’ve probably met an employee of Hilcorp Energy as The Game has become an important part of their company culture. “What makes Hilcorp unique and a great place to work is open-book management,” said one employee surveyed for the Fortune list, “every individual recognizes that they play a part in making the company successful and we all strive for the same goal. Hilcorp shares the success with each of us.”

Employees recognized that success in 2011 upon the completion of a five-year bonus program called “Double Drive”, which succeed in helping the company to double in size. As a reward, employees were given a $50,000 voucher to spend on their “dream car”. Their current bonus program, “Dream 2015”, promises each employee $100,000 if they are able to double the size of the company again.

But an amazing bonus program isn’t the only thing that makes Hilcorp a great place to work. Other employees surveyed for the Fortune list cited empowerment, freedom, responsibility and communication as characteristics that make Hilcorp a great place to work, “When you suggest an idea to upper management they really listen to you and most of the time they will go along with the idea you suggested,” said one employee, “I never had that before with any other company.”

Hilcorp’s core values are simple, clear and easily communicated…essential elements when playing the Great Game. These values can be seen in the halls in Houston and heard out in the fields in Anchorage. Hilcorp describes their core values as, ”how we run our business and how we treat our fellow employees.”

hilcorp core values-png

In 2010, Hilcorp Energy Company was inducted into Great Game’s All-Star Hall of Fame, which recognizes companies who have played The Game for at least 10 years and demonstrated tremendous results.

To maintain that momentum, Hilcorp sends dozens of employees through Great Game training each year and has worked with the GGOB team to develop a customized business and financial literacy training for employees called “The Hilcorp Way”.

Help us in congratulating the team at Hilcorp Energy Company on being a great company to work for in the comments below.

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