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Inflation and Your Employees

May 18, 2022 by ITR Economics 2 Comments

Inflation and Your Employees

Are you prepared for the inflationary pressure on the US economy? ITR Economics is sharing resources to help both businesses and employees position themselves to bypass the negative effects of inflation.

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Inflationary Pressure's Impact on Your Business

I’m sure that most of us have been discussing the business impact of inflation. It’s a hot topic these days. Many of us have likely had conversations on one or more of the following:

● How to protect our margins

● How to lock in raw material costs

● How to set multiyear contracts with our clients


While discussing these items in business strategy sessions is a necessary component of staying profitable through the 2020s, we’re curious: Have you also been discussing inflation's impact on your employees, at the personal level? And if so, have you been discussing how that impact on your people may also translate to impact on your business?


Inflation’s Impact on Your Employees

The employee aspect seems to be less discussed than the business impact. To help increase awareness, ITR Economics has teamed up with industry professionals to offer insight on the impact inflation will have on your employees' experience.


● When: May 25, 11 a.m. MST

● Where: Virtual

● Cost: $0


There is no cost to attend this webinar. It is simply an opportunity to help businesses like ours better understand "the people side" of the equation. As the decade keeps heating up with turbulent trends, we will need to stay ahead of the curve and position our businesses for both profitability and longevity, and that includes retaining our current talent.

Meet the Presenters

TalenTrust will be the expert during this presentation, which will cover employment trends and certain dos and don’ts for retaining and attracting new employees.

TalenTrust CEO Kathleen Quinn Votaw is a leading authority on finding and retaining employees. She understands the top concerns of CEOs around the nation and helps address those concerns via her firm’s unique process, cost-effective solutions, service guarantees, and proven results.


Why TalenTrust?:

“We do the right thing, even when it’s hard. We are honest, transparent, and act with integrity. We treat everyone we serve with respect and dignity. We are passionate and seek excellence in all that we do. We are naturally curious and challenge the status quo.” ~ TalenTrust’s mission statement


Joining Kathleen is Jackie Greene, vice president of economics at ITR Economics. Jackie will be walking the audience through ITR’s expectations for inflation and the attendant implications for businesses much like yours. With ITR Economics’ 94.7% forecast accuracy looking one year out, this foresight will be a must-have for your business strategy.


These two are teaming up to provide what is sure to be a well-rounded view of inflation and its potential impact on your employees. It’s a 60-minute presentation that will give you an added perspective as we move through the summer months and back into annual budget planning season.



Are you ready to start engaging your employees in your business? Learn how to get your entire organization working towards the same goals at our next workshop!

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