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Join Us For a Great Game of Business® Event

The Get in The Game Workshop was developed to give participants an in-depth view of open-book management and how they can effectively play The Game in their organizations. Hosted at the Great Game offices in Springfield, MO, the birthplace of open-book management, this training is led by VP of The Great Game of Business, Steve Baker. Steve guides participants through two days of impactful training sessions that include a detailed look at Great Game’s “10-Step Approach to GGOB Implementation”.



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10 Simple Steps


  • Visit the birthplace of open-book management (live events only)
  • Deep dive into the best practices of the GGOB
  • The “10-Step Approach to Implementation”
  • Offsite dinner with SRC executives (live events only)
  • Experience a Great Game-company Huddle
  • Employee Q&A sessions
  • Practitioner Q&A sessions
  • Optional free 1-hour coaching session


  • Business owners, leaders and key decision makers who really want to understand how The Great Game of Business® works, and learn how to implement it in their organizations
  • New employees and front-line workers looking to get a big-picture view of the Great Game business operating system, including how it works and how they can contribute to its success
  • Anyone wanting to learn about the Great Game implementation process
  • Anyone looking to see first-hand how The Game works from the birthplace of Open-book Management, SRC Holdings Corp. in Springfield, MO

Participants will leave with valuable tools and practical planning tips that will benefit them during their open-book management journey. The Get in The Game Workshop is designed to teach participants how they can implement and successfully sustain The Great Game of Business in their organization.

  • Location:
    The Great Game of Business
     Springfield, MO

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1–3 attendees:
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4+ attendees:
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Join us at our next get in the game workshop
November 16-17, 2021
January 25-26, 2022