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3 Tips Engage, Motivate, & Inspire Employees

Aug 30, 2018 by John Williams 0 Comments

3 tips engage, motivate, & inspire employees blog


One of the questions that I hear most leaders ask is, How do I keep employees engaged? Is money effective? How about bonuses, or a promotion?

As most of you know, very rarely do these work, especially in the long term. Usually it’s the simple things in life that works the best. Remember, you are dealing with people. What works for employees works for spouses, children, siblings, and your friends. Below are 3 very simple ideas on engaging and motivating employees. These ideas are simple, but still require focus and take the time to implement.

  1. Leaders, be yourself- Letting others see who you really are helps them understand you and become comfortable with you. More importantly, if you are trying to be someone else or portray a different image, that act is hard to keep up with and people will see right through it. People want genuine leaders. Employees will respect you for it, and people are more engaged and motivated when they have leaders that are predictable and authentic.
  2. Leadership offices- You shouldn’t be able to tell where the leader of the company sits by looking at the offices. We have all heard the phrases, “Corner Office” or “Called to the Carpet”.  It is demotivating when an employee needs a tool to do their job more efficiently and can’t get it, meanwhile the executive leadership all have 1,000 sq ft offices with solid oak desks.
  3. Let them work- Give them objectives and/or tasks and let them work. Make sure the objectives are understood, agreed upon, and the due date is clear. For example, if you give an employee on task on Monday to be completed by Noon on Friday, you shouldn’t have to check with them every day. The only time you should get involved before the due date is if they ask for help.



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John Williams
Written by John Williams

John Williams is the Founder/President of Elucidate Resources LLC., a consulting firm that specializes in helping people and organizations be successful. John Williams has 35+ years of experience in Manufacturing. He retired from Central States Manufacturing, a 100% employee-owned company and Great Game of Business practitioner, after working there for 14 years as VP Sales & Marketing. He is a  Great Game of Business Certified Coach and also provides Sales Coaching and ESOP communication training. He is a professional member of The ESOP Association (TEA) and National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO). Williams currently serves on the Ownership Culture Advisory Committee for the ESOP Association and is a frequent speaker at ESOP, NCEO, and other conferences on employee ownership and engagement. Williams is also the co-author of Building a Resilient ESOP Company (2020). John and his beautiful wife, Jennifer, reside in LaPorte, Indiana and have 5 children.

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