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Small Giants Summit | September 20-23, 2015

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While you’re still basking in the afterglow of the Gathering of Games, we wanted to share with you an additional opportunity to build relationships with some great leaders who have a deep commitment to values and collaboration from our friends at the Small Giants Community. (A number of whom are Great Game of Business practitioners.) It’s a quick turnaround, but definitely worth your effort. The 2015 Small Giants Summit in Dallas on September 20 - 23 has attendees from South Africa, the United States, Canada, Mexico, France, Japan and Brazil and is an excellent opportunity for global learning on an intimate scale.

The program includes:
• Fast paced workshop and networking sessions designed to get the best of peers’ insights on your issues.
• Panels of Small Giants bringing you into their stories of growth, change and impact with a focus on the intersection of philosophy and best practices.
• Group social events that highlight Dallas’ unique history, personality and values.
• Insights from international Small Giants leaders about building a great company while managing different cultures.
• Complete access to all of the Summit presenters, panelists, interviewers, etc.
• Opportunities to go inside of Small Giant companies for behind-the-scenes looks at how these company grow and create impact.


The Six Qualities of a Small Giant
• Company leaders know who they are, what they want out of business, and why.
• Companies are deeply rooted in the communities in which they do business.
• All Company members maintain close, personal ties with customers, suppliers and each other.
• The Company encourages a friendly and collaborative culture, based on caring for people in the totality of their lives.
• All Company leaders have a burning passion for what the company does.
• The Company has a sound business model, a healthy balance sheet, and a steady gross margin which it protects.

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