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Hingepoint's Hybrid Huddle: GGOB, Lean and Agile in One

Jul 20, 2018 by Hingepoint 0 Comments
The daily huddle is the heartbeat of the Great Game of Business®. It’s part of most any game - a quick, efficient team meeting where you adjust your game plan and then get back in the game and play. But are all staff huddles the same? No! We find you can customize your huddle technique based on the: Type of business – a law firm huddle may differ from a machine shop huddle Type of work – a software team huddle may differ from the financial team’s huddle Culture – some are fun, loud, calm, quick, loose, tight – it just depends on what motivates, works, and fits your team Environment – the way you huddle in a library may differ from how you do it on a loud machine shop floor or with a virtual team on a webcast
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Our approach to running a company was developed to help close one of the biggest gaps in business: the gap between managers and employees. We call our open-book approach The Great Game of Business. What lies at the heart of The Game is a very simple proposition: The best, most efficient, most profitable way to operate a business is to give everybody in the company a voice in saying how the company is run and a stake in the outcome. Let us teach you how to develop a culture of ownership, where employees think, act and feel like owners.