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What do Fur Babies, Community Magazines, Fuel-injectors and Labels Have In Common?

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Each of these companies; 1st Pet Vet, 417 Magazine, AMBAC, and Argent Tape and Label are part of a growing community of Great Game companies who have reimagined capitalism as a transformational force for good. Each year, the Great Game™ Community recognizes companies like these who have the courage to do business differently. They are using the power of business to transform their associate's lives and the communities which they serve, for the better. They are part of a movement that's trying to 'Change the Game'.

We can't wait to introduce you to all our All-Star Team companies. Read the first 4 case studies and watch for the remaining 25 to come your way!


Organization Background

Originally founded in 1989 as a single location, 1st Pet Vet has evolved over the years to offer a complete range of veterinarian services, including 24-hour emergency care, in three Arizona locations.


The veterinary industry is under pressure from large corporations who are systematically buying many of the veterinary hospitals throughout the United States. 1st Pet Vet's founder, Dr. Randy Spencer, wanted to take a different path from that of selling the business to corporate interests. His goal was for 1st Pet Vet to continue on as a business for at least the next 100 years by getting the teams in his three locations to work toward common goals.


417 magazine

Organization Background

Founded in 1998, 417 Magazine is a second-generation, family-owned regional magazine that focuses on telling its 325,362 monthly audience members the stories they need to know from all around southwest Missouri. The company has also evolved to produce custom publications for corporations, communities, and charities.


When Logan Aguirre took over from her parents in running the magazine, she wanted to find a way to create line of sight for her employees so each and every one could see how they could make an impact. While the company had always shared profits with employees, Aguirre wanted to find a way to share profits in a way where everyone understood why they had earned a fair share.


Ambac Logo

Organization Background

Primarily manufactures and remanufactures heavy-duty diesel fuel injection systems and related components.


Despite a 100-year-history as a business, AMBAC was struggling both financially and with its workplace culture. Not only was the company facing threats in the marketplace and from its creditors, it was struggling to find ways to get its team working together toward a common future.


Argent T&L Logo

Organization Background

Argent Tape & Label (ATL) is a certified Women-Owned Small Business that manufacturers pressure-sensitive labels and tags used by customers in the industrial, automotive, pharmaceutical, and consumer industries.


Prior to playing The Great Game of Business® (GGOB), ATL was in serious financial trouble and was close to shutting its doors. Staff had been cut from 25 to just three full-time associates. The company needed a way to get everyone working together to save the business.




Rookie of the Year  This award recognizes those companies that have been practicing open-book management and The Great Game of Business for less than two years and have already achieved some remarkable results.

Social Sector Award  This award honors a social sector organization -a not-for-profit, education, government entity - playing The Great Game of Business at a high level, proving that The Game can be effective and impactful in all types of organizations.

Hall of Fame Inductee – The Hall of Fame honors organizations that have operated using the principles of open-book management for more than a decade with lasting, proven results, and have demonstrated a willingness to spread the word on open-book management in order to help others succeed. 

All-Star Champions Award - The cornerstone of the All-Star Awards, the winners of the All-Star Champions Award are the best of the best. They have been playing GGOB at a high level for two or more years, and as a result have seen impressive results in their financial performance and their company culture.

International All-Star Champion (new for 2020!) To encourage the participation of our international practitioners and recognize the expansion of our global GGOB community,  our judges thought it was time to add this category to the awards. 

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Here is the criteria you will be judged against:

  • Great Game Methodology: How well the company has employed the core practices of The Great Game of Business®;
  • Financial Performance as compared to industry benchmarks;
  • Culture Change: How well the company has done in creating a stronger culture and a better place to work; 
  • Compelling Story: How compelling is the company’s story considering their accomplishments, including any events that they’ve overcome and uniqueness in applying the practices of GGOB; 
  • GGOB Scorecard survey results which represents the employees’ perspective on their practice of GGOB/OBM)  

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