We're so pleased to hear about how OBM and The Great Game of Business has inspired yet another company's growth in this podcast by Hubstaff Blog.

Agency Advantage 48: Dan Golden on Building an Effective Team with Open-Book Management

"In this episode of Hubstaff’s Agency Advantage Podcast, we talk with Dan Golden (Twitter), founder and President of the 45+ person digital marketing agency, Be Found Online.

Be Found Online was recently awarded a spot on the Inc 500 list of the fastest growing private companies in America, and if that alone isn’t impressive enough, this was the 5th straight year they’ve had that honor, so they know a thing or two about growth.

Dan shares how they accelerated that growth with agency partnerships, but the real focus of our talk is how he and his team use open-book management to build a high-performing team that made this growth possible. Inspired by The Great Game of Business, he set out to empower his employees to affect change and seeing how their actions impact the business metrics.

If you could use a few fully-engaged and driven employees, then don’t go anywhere because Dan lays out exactly how to get (and keep) them."

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