Capitalism at Its Best

Change the Game™ Podcast

ESOP Roundtable 3

Open-Book Management from an Employee-Owner Perspective

One Goal, One Vision, One Team

Planning for the Challenges of the Future

Financial Preparations for the Future

Working Together as One

Steering Clear of Entitlement

The 29th Annual Great Game of Business Conference

Getting the Job Done While Having Fun at Work

ESOP Roundtable 2

Building Winning Relationships

Employer of Choice Strategy

Playing The Game During A Pandemic

EOX State Centers

Great Game Can Work Anywhere

Capitalism with Good Leadership

Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Closing the Biggest Gap in Business

ESOP Roundtable

Planning for the Future with Jack Stack - Rewind

Run Your Business Like An Investment

Employee Ownership

Stick With Your Vision

People, Parts, and Profit

Permission to Win

Employee Health

Can an ESOP Improve Your Company?

Culture Committees

Transitioning to Open-Book Management from Top-Down

Planning Leads to Stability

Episode 32: Employee Appreciation

Episode 31: Jack Stack's 10-Year Vision for SRC

Episode 30: The Evolution of the Small Giants Community Part 2

Episode 29: The Evolution of the Small Giants Community

Episode 28: Scaling Your Business with guest co-host Jack Stack

Episode 27: How To Give Your Business Value with guest co-host Jack Stack

Episode 26 : Using the Great Game of Business in Education

Episode 25: Planning for the Future with Jack Stack

EP 24: Snakes, Bullies & Weasels and How they are Holding Back your Success!

EP 23: Adapting The Game In A Service Company

Episode 22: Capitalism: Where Do We Go From Here

EP 21: Humility: A Humble, Anarchistic Inquiry

Episode 20 : I Hate my Job

EP 19: Navigating the Pandemic in 2021 with Nathan Fitzgerald, CPA

EP 18: Greatness Comes from Looking Ahead with Jack Stack

Episode 17 : 4 Secrets of Survival You Should Learn from ESOPs

Episode 16 : Do You Play The Game Even When You Lose?

Episode 15 : Flattening the Economic Curve

Episode 14 : When Winning is the Bedrock of Your Culture

Episode 13 : Why Timing Is Everything

Episode 12 : Why Be an Employee Owned Company?

Episode 11 : What is High-Involvement Planning?

Episode 10 : Be Brave Enough to Make Bold Moves

Episode 9 : Don't Stop Selling

Episide 8 : MiniGames™ with Executive Trainer Michele Bridges

Episode 7 : Transparency and Leading Through a Crisis

Episode 6 : Why Transparency Matters More Than Ever w/ Ari Weinzeig

Episode 5 : Building a Culture of Business People

Episode 4 : Thinking Outside the Box

Episode 3 : Open-Book Management is a Game Changer

Episode 2 : Keeping Employees Engaged During a Crisis

Episode 1 : Taking the Fear OUT of the Workplace with Jack Stack

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Hosted by Rich Armstrong and Steve Baker the Change the Game podcast highlights true life stories of organizations influencing positive change by doing business differently. They’re teaching people how business works and closing the gap between the haves and have-nots. It’s capitalism at its best. Inside each episode, you’ll discover stories of entrepreneurs who are Changing the Game.

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