For Wunderkeks, It Really Is Go Big or Go Home

Posted by Loren Feldman on Mar 18, 2023 11:30:00 AM




This week, Hans Schrei explains why he’s pursuing a deal with Costco and why his vision is to get Wunderkeks cookies into every supermarket in the country. When Jay Goltz counters that instead of thinking big, or thinking small, maybe Hans should think medium, Hans says that may no longer be possible with consumer packaged goods: “The little brand that grows and thrives by growing little by little doesn’t really exist any more in this space,” he says. Underlying the discussion of how fast Hans wants Wunderkeks to grow and how quickly he wants to exit are the stress-related mental health issues that he’s discussed previously on the podcast and the fact that his partner, Luis, is in the U.S. on an entrepreneurial visa, which means that if the business were to fail, they might have to leave the country.

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Key Takeaways:


After listening to the podcast "For Wunderkeks, It Really Is Go Big or Go Home" on 21hats, here are four takeaways:

  1. Focus on a strong brand image: Wunderkeks built their brand around being fun, unique, and high-quality. They used social media platforms like Instagram to showcase their products and engage with customers, which helped them to gain a following and increase their brand recognition.

  2. Embrace growth opportunities: When an opportunity to sell their cookies in Whole Foods came up, Wunderkeks took it despite the challenges that came with scaling up production. By doing so, they were able to increase their distribution and exposure, and attract new customers.

  3. Be willing to pivot: Wunderkeks initially started as a subscription-based service, but they soon realized that their customers preferred to buy their cookies in-person or online. They pivoted their business model accordingly and focused on selling their products directly to consumers through e-commerce channels and at local markets and events.

  4. Surround yourself with a strong team: The co-founders of Wunderkeks recognized the importance of hiring employees who shared their vision and values, and who could help them scale their business. They also emphasized the importance of clear communication and trust within their team, which allowed them to delegate tasks and responsibilities more effectively.


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