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What Will The Great Game of Business® Do for Your Company?

What The Great Game of Business® offers is a new way of doing business. While it is a novel idea to many, the open-book approach to operating a business was pioneered in 1983 (and later formalized as The Great Game of Business). It was developed as a creative solution to saving a failing company, and the result of the experiment was dramatic.

Using the open-book methodology, SRC Holdings Corporation in Springfield, Missouri, made a complete turnaround, producing $600 million in annual sales and increasing share value from 10 cents to $764.22.


In the process, it established itself as one of the most competitive companies in its industry. The Great Game of Business was formed out of this experience and is now used successfully to share these insights with other companies, whether they are looking to overcome challenges, accelerate growth, or just improve their organization’s culture by increasing employee engagement.


Your Trusted Partner for Sustainable Growth

Our experts in The Great Game of Business act as your partner and guide on the path to steady, sustainable growth for your organization. We do this by sharing our insights through business learning resources, free educational web content, and on-site training, business conferences, and business coaching sessions.

Through the years, The Great Game of Business has delivered results for everything from small mom-and-pop shops to high-profile companies, such as Southwest Airlines and New Belgium Brewing Company.


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Impressive Results Across a Wide Range of Markets and Industries

Below is just a sampling of the positive outcomes we’ve collaborated with companies to produce. Every company’s situation is unique, but these results speak loudly about the ability of The Great Game of Business to help companies achieve outstanding improvement in their operations and revenue.


Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Ozarks

  • 22% increase in money raised
  • 17% more life-changing friendships between Bigs and Littles

New Belgium Brewing Company

  • Became 4th largest craft brewery in U.S. and 8th largest overall
  • Best for the World Sustainability Award
  • 2016 Distributor of the Year

Amy’s Ice Creams

  • 250% income increase
  • 150% net income increase

Wayne Automatic Fire Sprinklers

  • Broke 39-year revenue record

Fresno First Bank

  • Turned a loss of $2.2 million in 2008 into a positive net income result of more than $3.3 million before tax in 2014

Goodall Homes

  • Growing 20% to 40% every year since 2010, including a 52% year-over-year jump in profits in 2014

Induction Heat Treating Corp.

  • First year net profit up 9%
  • Second year net profit up 6%

AEP SWEPCO Pirkey Power Plant

  • Achieved highest gross profit in operating history

Stalcop, LLC

  • Cost savings of more than $740,000
  • Turned earning loss of $1.3 million to a profit of $1.2 million the next year

Be Found Online

  • Year-over-year profits up more than 100%
  • Lowest employee turnover in company history
  • More customers than ever signing up and renewing contracts


Mid America Metals

  • Historically high gross margin
  • Record-breaking sales
  • 24% profit increase

Greene County Missouri

  • Stable cash balance and best financial health in years
  • Able to give employees first cost-of-living raise in 6 years

West Paw Design

  • 626% profit increase from 2012 to 2013
  • Revenue up 20%
  • “Best for the World: Environmental Impact” award
  • Bozeman Employer of Choice award for best places to work

Kiolbassa Provision Company

  • 17% average sales growth per year
  • $375,000 in cost savings
  • $1.3 million improvement in gross profits
  • Total credits and returns dropped 63%

Jenner Sales Corp.

  • 10% annual growth rate
  • Has paid out more than $1.6 million in cash and 401(k) contributions
  • Consistently receives 4.3–4.5 out of 5 on employee satisfaction survey

Willoway Nurseries

  • 7% decrease in annual budget costs


  • Income grew from $294,504 to $1.1 million in 2 years
  • Able to pay quarterly bonuses for the very first quarter of playing The Game

O’Connells OBM

  • Profits increased 34% in 2012 and 10% in 2013
  • Highest employee engagement results since 2006

Tasty Catering

  • Employee turnover is less than 2% in an industry where 50% is the norm
  • Sales up 6.6%
  • Profits up 75%
  • Named Psychologically Healthiest Workplace by American Psychological Association twice
  • 98% employee engagement score

Texas Air Composites

  • Performance Excellence Award for customer service
  • Revenue has increased an average of 89% each year since 2001
  • 33% improvement in revenue per direct labor hours
  • $300,000 saved in variable overhead cost in a year

Van Belle Nursery

  • $200,000 saved in first year of playing The Game
  • Average annual revenue growth rate of 10%
  • Revenue per hour worked increased 30%
  • Hasn’t had an associate quit in close to 8 years

US Tower Services

  • Associates have cut time spent on projects by close to half
  • Since 2004, have expanded from 8 associates to 50

Argent Tape & Label

  • Revenue increased from $821,000 to $4.4 million in 4 years
  • Generated 75 cost-saving ideas to save company $44,000

National Center for Employee Ownership

  • Revenues up an astounding 220,000% in 2010
  • Has earned a profit every one of the 26 years it’s been playing The Game
  • Has regularly provided $15,000 to $30,000 in year-end bonuses

Pizza Gallery & Grill

  • Paid off $170,000 in long-term debt in just 14 months
  • Reduced error rates from 3% to 1% in 9 months
  • Revenue grew 9% and profits 7% in 2010 despite fewest customers since 2006
  • Average customer spend increased $0.30 in initial 3 weeks


Clarke EyeCare Center

  • Year-over-year profits up 60%
  • Cost of goods sold are 20% lower
  • Able to give employees a 6% pay bonus
  • Revenue has increased 21%


Enercon Services, Inc.

  • Stock price has increased more than 10 fold over past 15 years
  • 12% boost in revenue
  • 40% jump in profits
  • Ranking in top 25 in Power Engineering
  • Ranking in top 200 in Environmental by Engineering News-Record


Comfort Supply

  • Grew by 38% in one year
  • Financial literacy rate of employees at all-time high

Laron Incorporated

  • Doubled revenue in 2008

Kindermusik International

  • Revenue increase of 3% in first year of playing The Game

Jim’s Formal Wear

  • Revenue increase of 134%
  • Annual volume doubled
  • Virtually debt free
  • Net income increased 43%

NewStream Enterprises

  • Revenue increase of 48%
  • Cash distribution up 180%

Integrity Technology Solutions

  • Cut $11,000 in monthly expenses
  • Able to offer employees a 401(k) match
  • 7.6 return on sales rate

Sun Design

  • Profits surged 400% in 2010
  • Turned an operating loss of $102,000 to an operating income of $218,000 in one year

Destination Harley Davidson

  • In 9 years, sales shot up to $40 million
  • Ranked #1 in customer satisfaction for the fifth consecutive year
  • 2003 Promoter and Retail Merchandiser of the Year
  • Quarterly service hours billed increased by 8.5%

Whole Foods Market

  • 20% average annual sales growth rates
  • Expanded workforce from 10,000 to 39,000
  • Store count grew from 70 to 185

Zingerman’s Community of Businesses

  • Grew annual revenue $39 million over a decade


  • Grew by 95% in 2005, 131% in 2004, and 64% in 2003
  • Ranked #5 on Franchise Business Review’s “Franchise 50” list
  • Increased number of franchises by 429 in 3 years

Stellar Call Centre Solutions

  • Averaged over 20% revenue growth per year since 2004
  • Employee count doubled
  • Over 90% increase in business literacy rate of employees

Springfield Spring

  • Sales per employee has increased by 53%
  • Bonus pool has grown by almost 20% per year for 3 years

Meadows Regional Medical Center

  • Year-over-year revenue growth reached 33% in 2013 after averaging 18% the prior 5 years
  • Rated a top hospital in superior patient satisfaction grades

Agape Construction Company

  • For the first time in 6 years, debt free and able to grow cash reserves
  • Profits grew 7% in 2 years
  • Have been able to pledge 10% of net income to charities

Hilcorp Energy Company

  • Have grown more than 160% with annual average growth of over 4%
  • Workforce has grown 10% annually for the past 3 years
  • Over the past 3 years, share the wealth bonuses average 34% of an employee's base salary

Woodward Printing Services

  • 21.5% increase in profitability despite 6.4% drop in total revenue
  • Return on sales increased from 4.7% to 6.1%
  • Offered a $20,000 bonus pool to employees
  • Shaved its contracted labor expenses by $25,000 and decreased overtime costs by $57,500
  • Dramatic reduction in the number of negative comments

Paul Mueller Company

  • Turned $4.8 million in domestic pre-tax operating losses into $1.9 million positive operating income
  • Revenues rebounded from $75 million to $122 million in two years

Federal Companies

  • Annual growth averaged 5% during first 4 years of The Game
  • Profit grew more than 500% in the 4 years following launch
  • MiniGames helped cut claims and costs by 13% and 48% respectively
  • Workers’ comp costs fell by 76%

Chuck Latham Associates

  • 22% sales growth
  • Acquired 2 companies to meet diversification goals
  • Hired 860 employees as competitors failed

Ginger Bay Salon & Spa

  • Traffic up 1.8%
  • Retail sales increased 11%

Anthony Wilder Build/Design Inc.

  • Profitability increased from 5% to 18%
  • Cut monthly office costs by 25%
  • Conversion rate increased 20%
  • 80% of business now comes from existing customer referrals
  • Won 13 awards for design and construction projects

The Booksource

  • Revenues grew from $33.5 million to $49.6 million in 2 years
  • 80% associate retention in 3 years
  • 36 of 40 new hires referred by current employees
  • 40% surge in revenues
  • First-ever positive cash balance
  • Received City of St. Louis Spirit Award, AAIM Employer of the Year, Regional Commerce and Growth Association’s Top 50 and recognition by Inc. Magazine for its workplace

McGinnis Sisters Special Good Stores

  • 51% sales growth
  • $166K bonus dollars distributed

Turbonetics Holdings, Inc.

  • Operating profits increased more than 400%
  • Employee turnover decreased 62%
  • Despite a 40% leap in production, power consumption was cut by 10%
  • Cost of goods sold decreased 500 basis points

Skeleton Key

  • Revenue increased 57%
  • Profit margins went from -5% to 5.5%
  • Growth from 4 to 12 associates with little turnover
  • 71% repeat customers

Central States Manufacturing

  • Shipping volume was up 19.5%
  • Company stock price has risen every year
  • Increased its market share 40%
  • 99.6% accuracy rate in its production line

Mears Floral Products, Inc.

  • Increased gross margin by 6.5%
  • Created a total profit-before-tax improvement of $181,340 in a single year
  • Cut $46,375 in waste
  • Nominated as Business of the Year by Springfield Business Journal