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Fresno First Bank

Company Background

Fresno First Bank is a community bank started in 2005 that is dedicated to meeting the banking needs of businesses, professionals, and successful individuals in central California. The bank’s board of directors wanted to find a way to increase its bottom line by reducing expenses.

Great Game Solutions

The bank’s management team quickly embraced the three tenets of the Great Game: Know and Teach the Rules; Follow the Action and Keep Score; and Provide a Stake in the Outcome. They began by teaching their staff about how a bank makes and spends money and how their individual jobs impacted those figures. They then established their critical numbers and developed a scorecard to track the action and held huddles to discuss the results. Finally they implemented a bonus program tied to their critical numbers to share in the rewards.


  • Playing the Great Game has helped Fresno First both increase its interest income and reduce its expenses significantly, which has helped turn a loss of $2.2 million before tax in 2008 into a positive net income result of more than $3.3 million before tax in 2014.
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