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Dan Heisler

Dan Heisler

Senior Account Manager

Dan began his journey with SRC working for NewStream Enterprises, starting on the production floor and working his way into the Quality Analyst position. Here, he was introduced to the Great Game of Business® where it left a lasting impression.

After working at NewStream for 3 years, he decided to pursue his passion of fitness and nutrition which brought him to Colorado. There he became a gym Fitness Manager where he combined his passion for fitness, nutrition, and sales.

After returning to Missouri, Dan’s interest in GGOB couldn’t keep him away. He now works as an Account Manager where he helps to educate and work with companies on the best ways to implement the Great Game of Business.

Dan started his college career at Missouri Valley College where he played football. He then transferred to Missouri State University where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. He still enjoys the fitness and nutrition world. When he isn’t in the gym, he enjoys athletics such as rock climbing, skiing and basketball.

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