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Kevin Haglof

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In a career spent working with golf’s elite players and the world’s leading sporting brands, Kevin has seen first-hand how the best of the best prepare and execute differently.

Early in his career, Kevin spent 40 weeks a year traveling the PGA Tour customizing golf clubs for the best players in the game.  Working in these inner circles is where he honed many of his trust building skills…. how else does a kid from a small town in Canada gain the trust of the world’s best golfers?

While working for Titleist and FootJoy Worldwide, Kevin began his open-book management journey in 2002 when he moved to Singapore to set up new subsidiaries throughout Asia Pacific.  In a short period of time, he hired and led the teams that grew the business from $69m to $281m across 20 countries and many diverse cultures.  This success, built on transparency, trust, a positive culture and having fun, provided further proof that this is the only way to run a business and is the foundation of his business coaching.

In over 30 years in startups, small to medium businesses and large public companies, Kevin has had the opportunity to work with virtually every major sporting brand in the world and some of the best golfers to ever play the game.  As top athletes and teams have a coach, so should business owners, leaders, and teams.  He believes 8-5 needs to be some of the most enjoyable hours of our day, resulting in incredible personal enjoyment, outstanding business results and a full, enriched life.

With a passion for business and helping others realize their personal success, today Kevin coaches businesses of all sizes in open-book management, culture building and driving great business results, all while having fun.

Kevin, Nikki and their 4 children live in Carlsbad, CA where he should be playing way more golf than he does.



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