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Mary Collum

Former Bank Executive

Mary Collum

Specialties include simplifying financial literacy, developing leaders in various stages of growth, and providing unique tools for strategic planning/execution. 

For the last five years as an entrepreneur, Mary has helped Arizona businesses grow and advance, and today she continues to help firms thrive in a competitive marketplace.

As a former Senior Executive at a regional community bank Mary started up a new business within the firm and scaled it within five years. Under her leadership, the organization’s high-performance sales team tripled its results. Mary also led NBAZ’s Family Business Initiative, working with parent company leadership to develop programs, seminars, and customized financial solutions for business owners seeking an exit strategy.

Mary supports diversity in the workplace, has extensive experience breaking through barriers to advancement and supports financial literacy at all levels of an organization. She is continuously working with companies to improve the bottom line in business and in life.

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