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Tim Dobyns

Moventra LLC

Tim Dobyns

As the founder and managing partner for Moventra LLC, Tim is living out his passion for teaching, encouraging, and supporting civic, public, and social sector organizations in operational excellence, strategy, insights, and healthy team culture.

During his tenure as Managing Director of Siemens Energy’s Environmental Solutions Division, he acquired many unique insights into business development, operational systems, change management, and team culture.

As a participant in Siemens Executive Leadership Framework Program, Siemens Advanced Management Academy, and his role as an integration lead for the Colfax Business System (CBS), Tim acquired a broad set of leadership and organizational tools that he now shares with the civic and social sector organizations.

His technical background includes domestic and international business finance, operations, change management, lean project management, procurement, logistics, quality, marketing, business development/sales, compliance, human resource, lean production, and operational excellence programming and education.

Tim serves on several boards and when he is not helping social organizations as a Great Game of Business Certified Coach®. He enjoys time with his wife, Derylin, and his children Maddison and Jenna.  His passions include reading, storytelling, and creating and playing music.

During this second phase of life, instead of asking what he wants to do, Tim begins each day with the questions, what should I be doing, where am I called to be and what relationships should I seek out?

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